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Back Fat Reduction

Have unwanted back fat? Check out how the only FDA approved fat freezing treatment, Coolsculpting, can help you get rid of that excess fat without surgery, without needles and without downtime. This male patient wanted a little help getting rid of his excess upper and lower back fat. He researched the various non-surgical options and ultimately decided to have Coolsculpting done. The upper and lower back fat was treated with Coolsculpting's famous fat freezing technology.... Continue Reading
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Get Rid of Smoker’s Lines

Are you seeking to get rid of unwanted smoker's lines around the mouth? Do vertical lip wrinkles detract from your appearance? Well you are not alone. Take, for instance, this patient from San Diego who had developed lip wrinkles over the years and wanted to have them smoothed out. In years past, patients like her who have somewhat darker skin pigmentation would not be considered great candidates for laser skin resurfacing. That is because the... Continue Reading
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San Diego’s #1 Cosmetic Ear Specialist

Here is yet another example of why Dr. Hilinski is considered San Diego's leading otoplasty surgeon. For many years now, Dr. Hilinski has been known as the best and most qualified plastic surgeon in San Diego performing cosmetic ear surgery. When he first came into practice in La Jolla, this mainly involved ear pinning, or otoplasty surgery. As his cosmetic surgery practice grew, Dr. Hilinski began doing more and more otoplasty surgery, which naturally attracted... Continue Reading
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Eyelid Surgery San Diego

This is a great case example of what an upper eyelid lift can do to help rejuvenate your overall facial appearance. This middle-aged female from San Diego desired to look more rested and youthful. In particular, she was bothered by the fact that her upper eyelids had excess skin and appeared heavy on initial glance. When you look at her left eye (right side in the photo), you can appreciate how there is actually a... Continue Reading
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Smaller Earlobes

Here is a great case example of how an earlobe can be made smaller in size. However, this is not your typical enlarged earlobe. When this patient first came to see San Diego's #1 cosmetic ear specialist, Dr. John Hilinski, she simply wanted to have her earlobes made smaller in size. In a great majority of cases, this can be done rather simply (for a board certified plastic surgeon!) by removing the excess skin and... Continue Reading
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Incredible Tummy Flattening Results

This is just an incredible example of how Coolsculpting can be used to flatten your tummy with absolutely no incisions, no surgery and no downtime! This young lady from San Diego was in good shape - but wanted to be in even better shape. Specifically, her main issue was with the mid abdominal section, which happens to be a very common concern for many patients seeking a better figure. In so many patients, getting rid... Continue Reading
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Natural Facelift Anti-Aging Surgery

One of the most popular procedures performed by Dr. Hilinski is facelift surgery. When you go to the right plastic surgeon, a facelift can provide you with a beautiful, natural looking cosmetic improvement that helps to rejuvenate your neckline and jawline at the same time. This is a great example of what a facelift necklift combination can do for the average patient seeking cosmetic face surgery. This female patient came to our San Diego office... Continue Reading
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Fibroblast Plasma for Perioral Lines

Here is another fabulous example of the power of the plasma pen. This patient was bothered by the wrinkles and lines around her mouth - essentially the upper and lower lip region. These are commonly referred to as smoker's lines by some people even when the patient doesn't have a history of smoking. The point is that these vertical lines (which can come about from repeated pursing of the lips) are aesthetically undesirable because they... Continue Reading
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CO2 Laser for Rhinophyma

Here is yet another happy patient of Dr. Hilinski's who underwent CO2 laser for rhinophyma! This middle-aged male traveled to San Diego to have Dr. Hilinski evaluate his nose for possible rhinophyma treatment. Rhinophyma is a skin condition that involves overactive sebaceous glands in and around the nose that can lead to unwanted excess skin thickness. Indeed, this is precisely what Dr. Hilinski noted in this patient here. As you can see in the photo... Continue Reading
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Eyelid Lift and Fat Transfer in San Diego

Check out these amazing, natural-looking results by Dr. John Hilinski who demonstrates the power of combining an eyelid lift with fat transfer. This middle-aged female patient simply wanted to look more rested and youthful - but she was fearful of looking 'surgical' or 'done' after facial cosmetic surgery. She consulted with Dr. Hilinski who is one of San Diego's best facial plastic surgeons and known for creating very natural appearing cosmetic results. Her main issue... Continue Reading
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Neck Skin Tightening

More and more you will be hearing about the amazing cosmetic improvements that patients are seeing from plasma pen treatment. This revolutionary medical spa procedure is also known as fibroblast skin tightening since the fibroblast cells within the skin are key to the success seen with this treatment. Here is a great case example of how the plasma pen was used to smooth out and tighten the neck skin in this female patient from San... Continue Reading
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Neck Skin Tightening and Lifting

Here is a powerful example of how Renuvion's J Plasma can be used to tighten the neck while lifting the skin in a minimally invasive fashion. This patient from San Diego desired some sort of cosmetic treatment to help improve her neck lines. She was bothered by the wrinkles that had slowly formed over years contributing to a more aged appearance - although she still felt young. This is a very common sentiment expressed by... Continue Reading
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Results! Results! Results!

Check out these fantastic results from Coolsculpting of the abdomen in this male patient from San Diego. His main concern was some excess fat around the abdomen region, which is a common complaint among many men. Despite exercise and a good diet, the area around the belly button can be very difficult to tone and tighten. He consulted with Dr. Hilinski's medical spa staff regarding the possibility of freezing the fat away. After discussing this... Continue Reading

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