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Tummy Tuck Without Surgery

Here is another fantastic example of how Coolsculpting can give you a non-surgical tummy tuck. This female patient from San Diego wanted to have a flatter tummy - but didn't want an invasive plastic surgery procedure. She came to Dr. Hilinski and his team of Coolsculpting experts. She is undergoing a series of fat freezing sessions - but we couldn't resist showing her photos 5 weeks after just one (1) single treatment! It doesn't take... Continue Reading
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Double Chin Cool Mini

Have a double chin that you have struggled with over the years? Do you exercise like crazy and keep a strict diet - only to still be bothered by unwanted neck fat that gives you a double chin? Come see San Diego's #1 team of Coolsculpting and Cool Mini experts to undergo treatment for your double chin deformity. Dr. John Hilinski and his staff of certified Coolsculpting experts are San Diego's leading team when it... Continue Reading
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Cool Mini Double Chin Treatment

Here is a great video that highlights just how effective Coolsculpting can be when it comes to contouring the neck and giving the appearance of having a neck lift - just without the surgery! Many people refer to this problem as having a double chin. This younger female patient was bothered by the excess, unwanted fat under her chin - and desired to have something done to give her a better jawline and neckline. After... Continue Reading

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