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CO2 Laser Rhinophyma Treatment

This is one of my favorite procedures to perform – CO2 laser treatment for rhinophyma. As an expert rhinoplasty surgeon, performing cosmetic reshaping of the nose never gets old. This is a unique type of nose that has excessive glandular activity creating the classic look of rhinophyma. I used a CO2 laser to actually sculpt […]

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Rhinophyma Laser Treatment

This is another example of CO2 laser treatment for a condition called rhinophyma. This is a disease that causes the skin of the nose to become overgrown – resulting in the appearance of a very bulbous nasal tip region. For many patients, this can become a significant cosmetic disturbance. In others, this heavy, thick skin […]

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Rhinophyma Surgical Treatment in San Diego

Learn more about rhinophyma surgical treatment in the latest addition to our growing online rhinoplasty tutorial at Rhinophyma is a somewhat uncommon condition that results in the nose skin becoming excessively thick and nodular in appearance. In many cases, this creates much anxiety in rhinophyma patients simply due to the unusual appearance. In cases […]

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