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Fat Transfer

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Combining Fat Grafting and Skin Laser

So many patients seek out Dr. Hilinski because of the natural results he is able to attain. Here is a classic example of just that - a patient who desired to look younger and more rejuvenated without looking like she had plastic surgery performed. When Dr. Hilinski examined her, he noted the usual signs of aging he sees in many middle-aged patients living in San Diego. Much of this had to do with sun exposure... Continue Reading
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Eyelid Enhancement

Here is another great example of how Dr. Hilinski can help rejuvenate your upper and lower eyelids without making you look surgically 'done' as they say. This patient came to our office seeking treatment for unwanted upper eyelid and lower eyelid bags. Her examination showed excessive, heavy, weighted upper eyelid skin that was literally draped onto her eyelashes. The lower eyelids demonstrated the classic bags that bother so many prospective blepharoplasty patients. In addition, she... Continue Reading
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Eyelid Lift and Fat Transfer in San Diego

Check out these amazing, natural-looking results by Dr. John Hilinski who demonstrates the power of combining an eyelid lift with fat transfer. This middle-aged female patient simply wanted to look more rested and youthful - but she was fearful of looking 'surgical' or 'done' after facial cosmetic surgery. She consulted with Dr. Hilinski who is one of San Diego's best facial plastic surgeons and known for creating very natural appearing cosmetic results. Her main issue... Continue Reading
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Power of Fat Transfer and Laser

So many of our patients seek out Dr. Hilinski because of the natural results he achieves with various cosmetic facial treatments. For example, this middle-aged female desired to look more rested and youthful. Her main concerns centered on volume loss and aging skin changes that were making her look older than she felt. This is an incredibly common sentiment amongst patients seeking facial plastic surgery in 2019. Patients simply feel like they are looking prematurely... Continue Reading
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Combined Laser Peel

It is quite common to see cosmetic patients who need combined fat transfer with laser peeling of the lower eyelid skin. Most of these patients present with complaints that they look tired and aged. Nearly all of these patients state they don'l feel tired. They just look tired - and are sick of having to answer questions from others about whether or not they got enough sleep the night before. This case example provided here... Continue Reading

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