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CO2 Laser for Rhinophyma

Here is yet another happy patient of Dr. Hilinski’s who underwent CO2 laser for rhinophyma! This middle-aged male traveled to San Diego to have Dr. Hilinski evaluate his nose for possible rhinophyma treatment. Rhinophyma is a skin condition that involves overactive sebaceous glands in and around the nose that can lead to unwanted excess skin thickness. Indeed, this is precisely what Dr. Hilinski noted in this patient here. As you can see in the photo to the left, his nose skin is much thicker than the average individual. In addition, the surface contour is very rough and cobblestone-like. Rhinophyma like this is usually correlated with underlying rosacea, a very common skin disorder. As rosacea progresses over the period of years, it can then lead to more exaggerated changes in the skin thickness as is noted here – and then it is referred to as rhinophyma.

CO2 Laser for Rhinophyma

In this case, Dr. Hilinski recommended CO2 laser treatment for his rhinophyma. The CO2 laser is considered one of the ‘workhorses’ for rhinophyma because it is so effective at vaporizing away the thick, sebaceous tissue while also tightening and smoothing the nose skin. In addition, the CO2 laser is very effective at reducing bleeding during the actual procedure.

Most rhinophyma patients have CO2 laser treatment done while under at least IV sedation, if not asleep completely. This simply makes the experience much more comfortable and tolerable.

Dr. Hilinski normally will do what he calls is sequential planing of the rhinophymatous skin. This means that he uses the laser to go layer by layer over the thicker, sebaceous nose skin. As he does this, the diseased skin and tissue are vaporized away in a sequential manner. Eventually, Dr. Hilinski lasers down to somewhat normal appearing skin, which is where the treatment stops. In the process of doing CO2 laser on the nose, the rhinophyma is treated and the underlying skin undergoes simultaneous tightening.

At the completion of the rhinophyma laser treatment, a balm or ointment is placed over the surface of the treated skin. Patients are instructed in how to care for their skin over the following week, which is about the amount of time it takes your body to generate a new skin layer. At this point the nose is still quite red and puffy, but many patients are able to resume a public appearance around 1o days after rhinophyma laser treatment.

As the weeks and months go by, the nose skin settles down and starts to achieve a more normal color and texture.

Rhinophyma Laser Results

Here are the actual results of this patient’s CO2 laser procedure intended to treat his rhinophyma. As you can see, the appearance of his nose is markedly better! He literally appears as if all the rhinophyma has been eradicated. The nose skin is so much smoother and tighter – and now looks like a normal nose! We are so happy and excited to be part of this transformation for this patient.

Rhinophyma Consult

If you are suffering from rhinophyma, don’t hesitate in contacting one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in all of California who specializes in treating rhinophyma – Dr. John Hilinski.

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