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Results! Results! Results!

Check out these fantastic results from Coolsculpting of the abdomen in this male patient from San Diego. His main concern was some excess fat around the abdomen region, which is a common complaint among many men. Despite exercise and a good diet, the area around the belly button can be very difficult to tone and tighten. He consulted with Dr. Hilinski's medical spa staff regarding the possibility of freezing the fat away. After discussing this... Continue Reading
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Tighter Tummy

Here is another example of how you can get a tighter tummy without surgery! This patient desired a flatter abdomen but didn't want to go under the knife to achieve results. So she opted for non-surgical Coolsculpting to contour her abdomen. More specifically, she underwent fat freezing to target the abdomen region. Here are her results just 8 weeks after only 1 treatment session! You can visibly see she now has a flatter, tighter tummy... Continue Reading
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Best Fat Freezing Team | Mission Valley | Downtown

Got excess tummy fat? Have a little belly pooch that you can't get rid of with diet and exercise? Afraid of having body liposuction? We have the best non-surgical answer for you - Coolsculpting! Just take a look at these amazing results of this younger patient who wanted some help getting a flatter, more toned tummy. Like so many of our San Diego patients, she was bothered by her belly pooch, which was reflective of... Continue Reading
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Flatter Toned Tummy | Downtown | Point Loma

It's not too late to still get that summer body! Especially in San Diego where the sun is out most of the year. Take a close look at these amazing Coolsculpting results courtesy of the medical spa staff of Dr. John Hilinski. This young lady wanted to tone up and get rid of some extra fat, which was resistant to regular exercise and a healthy diet. As a past patient of our office, she entrusted... Continue Reading
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Tummy Goes Flat to Flatter

Are you one of these patients who has a relatively flat tummy but wants to contour it down to be even flatter without undergoing the knife? If so, then Coolsculpting may be just what you are looking for in terms of a proven non-surgical option. This young lady from San Diego was already in fairly good shape as you can see in her before photo posted here. Her tummy was nicely shaped and toned. However,... Continue Reading
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Flatter Tummy Over Time

See how Coolsculpting results can improve over time long after the treatment has been completed! This female from San Diego desired non-surgical body contouring with Coolsculpting to help target unwanted belly fat. She really desired to have a flatter tummy since this was one area that continued to bother her despite eating healthy and maintaining a reasonable exercise regimen. But she didn't want to have liposuction given the more invasive nature of surgical fat removal.... Continue Reading
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Thigh Fat Reduction

Do you have unwanted lateral thigh fat? This unwanted bulge is also commonly called a saddle bag since it creates a silhouette mimicking this when seen from the front or back view. Despite a dedicated exercise regimen in combination with a healthy diet, these pesky saddle bags along the lateral thigh can be quite difficult to get rid of for many patients. Can you have liposuction to get rid of this excess thigh fat? You... Continue Reading
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Freezing Fat in Older Patients

This is a nice case example of how Coolsculpting can be performed in patients who are a bit older than average. This lady from San Diego is 75 years old and simply desired to have some contouring of her mid section, or tummy. Unfortunately, invasive liposuction of the abdomen was just not in the cards given her age and lifestyle. So what options did she have to slim down her tummy region? Coolsculpting, of course!... Continue Reading
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Dual Sculpting Arm Fat

Did you know that you can get Coolsculpting for your unwanted arm fat and get it done in half the time it takes many other offices to do the same procedure? That is because San Diego's #1 Coolsculpting practice - headed by Dr. John Hilinski - has two Coolsculpting machines that can be used at one time. This is termed dual sculpting in the world of Coolsculpting. Dual sculpting is particularly great for patients who... Continue Reading
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Flabby Arms

Transform your flabby arms with the #1 non-surgical fat freezing treatment - Coolsculpting. Dr. Hilinski and his team of Coolsculpting specialists in San Diego offer the best medspa treatment to help tone up and slim your flabby arm fat. Flabby Arm Coolsculpting We have quite a number of patients who consult with us from South San Diego to La Jolla to North San Diego County to help in treating their flabby arms. Some of these... Continue Reading
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Toner Flatter Tummy at 67!

Is there an age limit to getting a toner, flatter tummy with Coolsculpting? Not really. This 67 year old female from San Diego desired to get Coolsculpting to help with her tummy region. She wanted to target unwanted fat around the mid abdomen or belly button region. This was a problematic area for her that simply didn't  want to budge with good diet and regular exercise. At 67 years old, a slowed metabolism was undoubtedly... Continue Reading
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CoolMini Better Than Kybella

Learn here from San Diego's #1 Coolsculpting practice why CoolMini is so much better than Kybella for that pesky double chin deformity. A double chin is also commonly known as excess submental fat - where sub = below and mental = chin - so under the chin. The Truth About Kybella Let's start off with the truth about Kybella treatment. This was an incredibly popular medspa treatment that was highly touted when it first hit... Continue Reading
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Flatter Tighter Tummy

Another fantastic result from San Diego's best Coolsculpting office! This young lady desired to have a flatter, tighter tummy - but didn't want to undergo an invasive liposuction procedure. Like so many patients out there, she opted to have her fat frozen away without needles and without any downtime. She chose to have Coolsculpting performed by Dr. Hilinski's medspa team of fat freezing specialists - including our graduates from Coolsculpting University. The patient underwent freezing... Continue Reading

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