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Get Rid of Bra Fat

So many women between 35 years old and 55 years old struggle to deal with unwanted bra fat along their back. Especially for post-menopausal women.

Double Chin Treatment

One issue we see frequently here at our San Diego office is a double chin deformity. This is essentially too much fat contour in the area under the chin. Although we offer Kybella injection and liposuctioning of the chin, one great option to get rid of this fat is freezing it away with Coolsculpting. This is especially true for those patients who are simply not ready for surgical liposuction. With our CoolMini Coolsculpting hand piece,... Continue Reading

RealSelf Ranking

According to, Coolsculpting non-surgical body contouring ranks as one of the best treatment options to get rid of excess body fat in the neck, arms, abdomen, back and thighs. In fact, nearly 80% of all patients who underwent Coolsculpting fat freezing treatment were quite happy with their results. Keep in mind there is really no cosmetic treatment that has 100% satisfaction. So with nearly 8 of every 10 patients saying they would do Coolsculpting... Continue Reading

Coolsculpting for Men?

Coolsculpting non-surgical weight loss is a great option for men who are trying to get a more sculpted body. Freezing fat with Coolsculpting is the only FDA-approved technique available here in San Diego to help men get rid of those extra, unwanted pounds. Thousands and thousands of men are challenged by reducing excess fat in certain areas of their body - despite keeping to a healthy diet and regular exercise. For this population of men,... Continue Reading

Lose Weight Without Surgery

We understand that losing weight can often times be difficult, but with the CoolSculpting by Zeltiq it doesn’t have to be so challenging anymore. For those patients who have made the effort to exercise while eating healthy and still have some stubborn areas of fat they would like to get rid of, Coolsculpting may help you lose those extra pounds without the risk of invasive surgical liposuction. What is Coolsculpt? Coolsculpt is the process of... Continue Reading

Coolsculpting Summer Body!

Looking for ways to get that summer body? Contact San Diego's best Coolsculpting office to schedule your non-surgical, no downtime body contouring treatment. With 'dual sculpting' body reshaping, you can get your Coolsculpted body twice as fast! Our two Coolsculpting machines means that you can get your treatment session done in half the time. Coolsculpting is the only FDA-approved non-surgical method for freezing fat away to give you the shape and curves that will get... Continue Reading

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