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Amazing Neck Lift Results!

Check out these amazing results from Coolsculpting's Cool Mini treatment to help lift the neck. If you happen to have unwanted neck fat and/or a double chin deformity, CoolMini fat freezing may be the answer for you! This younger lady was bothered by excess fat accumulation under the chin and wanted a more defined neck and jawline. But she wasn't really interested in undergoing a surgical procedure. She consulted with San Diego's best Coolsculpting medspa... Continue Reading
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Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Here is a recent example of non-surgical fat reduction to help contour the lower abdomen in this male patient from San Diego. This Coolsculpting patient desired to have a flatter stomach with removal of unwanted fat in the lower abdomen region. You can see in this oblique photo how he had shadowing below the tummy pooch as well as on the sides. This is because his abdomen had excess fat contributing to these contours. Following... Continue Reading

Slimmer Hips

Want a slimmer waistline without undergoing cosmetic surgery? Call our office today to schedule your Coolsculpting treatment! This patient shown here underwent two treatment sessions with San Diego's best Coolsculpting team - under the direction of San Diego plastic surgeon, Dr. John Hilinski. Our medspa offers a wide variety of non-surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures, including the widely popular Coolsculpting fat freezing treatments. So many patients out there simply cannot afford to undergo an invasive surgical... Continue Reading

Flatter Tummy

See what Coolsculpting was able to do for this San Diego woman who desired a flatter tummy! This patient underwent an initial Coolsculpting treatment that provided her with a significant improvement in fat reduction around the tummy and hips. She then elected to undergo a second fat freezing session with San Diego's best team of Coolsculpting specialists. Shown here is her progression through the treatments. After just one Coolsculpting session, she had a very nice... Continue Reading
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An Even Better Body

Coolsculpting isn't just for people who are 'out of shape' as they say. Coolsculpting is actually even better for people who are already in shape - and just want an even better body. The fat freezing experts that work for Dr. Hilinski happen to see a lot of patients who work out regularly, eat healthy and watch their weight. Even these patients will inevitably have a bothersome area of fat that just doesn't respond to... Continue Reading

Flatter Stomach No Surgery!

So what does it look like when patients get sequential Coolsculpting treatments done? Here is great example of how flat your stomach can get from one and two sessions. This patient from San Diego decided to get Coolsculpted around the abdominal region to achieve a flatter stomach. After just one session, you can see her results here in the middle photo. When comparing her contour and look prior to Coolsculpting, you can see there is... Continue Reading
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Non-Surgical Tummy Flattening

Look what kind of results this patient got from two Coolsculpting treatment sessions on her abdomen region. This is one of the only methods to achieve a non-surgical tummy tuck-like result in terms of flattening the stomach area. Although  the overall result is pretty clear - there are a number of things that can be appreciated when you look even closer at her tummy, flank and back. For example, just look at the contour of... Continue Reading
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Amazing Results After One Treatment!

Want to know how powerful Coolsculpting can be for many patients? Look at these amazing results of a female patient in her 30s who underwent just one treatment session with our aesthetic RN, Kellie Hartmann. This patient opted to go with a non-surgical treatment to get rid of unwanted fat around the abdomen and flank. The area around the abdomen is also referred to as the peri-umbilical region - which is essentially the area of... Continue Reading
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Freeze Fat or Sculpsure

We have been asked on several occasions by Coolsculpting patients to make a comparison with Sculpsure. Some patients even come in questioning whether or not Coolsculpting and Sculpsure are very similar. Both technologies are quite popular as non-surgical methods to help improve your body contour while reducing unwanted, excess fat. But there are major differences in the technologies that warrant some explanation - and are the reasons behind why Dr. Hilinski and his staff prefer... Continue Reading

Lose Your Flank Fat

Want to get rid of your flank fat? Unwanted flank fat is one of the most common reasons why people seek out Coolsculpting treatment. This middle-aged female from San Diego consulted with us to try and reduce the excess flank fat that she had despite a good exercise regimen and healthy diet. Results here are just 4 weeks out from a single fat freezing session of her flanks with our aesthetic RN, Kellie Hartmann. Her... Continue Reading
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Repeat Treatment of an Area

As part of our ongoing effort to keep our patients fully informed, Dr. Hilinski wanted to post a quick entry regarding what some patients experience during their repeat Coolsculpting sessions. A repeat session refers to an area that has already undergone Coolsculpting and is about to undergo a second or third treatment. Although most patients note a significant improvement after just one fat freezing session, some patients elect to get even better body contouring results... Continue Reading
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Flatter, Tighter Stomach in Your 40s

Want to get a flatter, tighter stomach without surgery? Get Coolsculpted today by Dr. Hilinski's team of fat freezing specialists! Coolsculpting is an incredibly effective, non-invasive, no downtime cosmetic fat reduction treatment that allows you to contour down unwanted stomach fat to achieve that shape you always wanted. This patient shown here is in her 40s and had some problem areas, including her stomach/abdominal region. She elected to undergo Coolsculpting by our team of experts.... Continue Reading

Melt Your Flank and Back Fat Away

So many women in San Diego are bothered by unwanted flank and back fat, which is often times very difficult to get rid of even with good exercise regimens and healthy diets. Fortunately, there is Coolsculpting to help literally freeze that fat away! Here is a great case example of a healthy female patient who works out regularly and maintains a healthy diet. Despite this, she had areas of unwanted, excess fat in her flank... Continue Reading

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