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Incredible Ear Pinning Results!

Here is a case of cosmetic ear pinning, or otoplasty, where the results simply speak for themselves - and the result is just incredible! This young lady came to Dr. Hilinski after doing online research and coming to the conclusion that he was considered the best cosmetic ear surgeon in San Diego. Her main concern was that her ears stuck out too far from the side of her head. In addition, like so many otoplasty... Continue Reading
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San Diego’s #1 Cosmetic Ear Specialist

Here is yet another example of why Dr. Hilinski is considered San Diego's leading otoplasty surgeon. For many years now, Dr. Hilinski has been known as the best and most qualified plastic surgeon in San Diego performing cosmetic ear surgery. When he first came into practice in La Jolla, this mainly involved ear pinning, or otoplasty surgery. As his cosmetic surgery practice grew, Dr. Hilinski began doing more and more otoplasty surgery, which naturally attracted... Continue Reading
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Smaller Earlobes

Here is a great case example of how an earlobe can be made smaller in size. However, this is not your typical enlarged earlobe. When this patient first came to see San Diego's #1 cosmetic ear specialist, Dr. John Hilinski, she simply wanted to have her earlobes made smaller in size. In a great majority of cases, this can be done rather simply (for a board certified plastic surgeon!) by removing the excess skin and... Continue Reading
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Gauge Repair in San Diego

This photo example shows why Dr. Hilinski is considered San Diego's premiere gauge earring defect repair expert. He has extensive knowledge and experience performing this operation and does so on a very regular basis. In fact, Dr. Hilinski is one of only a few plastic surgeons who has actually published a medical paper on the topic of gauge earring defect correction. Although many plastic surgeons perform this type of cosmetic ear surgery, many do so... Continue Reading

Shrink the Size of Your Ear?

Can Dr. Hilinski actually make my ears shrink down in size? Yep! Take a look here at the most recent addition to his gallery of otoplasty surgery - which is more of a variant called macrotia, or scapha reduction surgery. This is a great example of how a highly trained otoplasty surgeon can take your ears from being too large (and prominent) to being just perfect in terms of size. After years and years of... Continue Reading
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Macrotia Surgery Instant Change

Macrotia surgery is a specific type of cosmetic ear reshaping procedure that helps to reduce the size of one's ear. Ear pinning is a completely different type of cosmetic ear surgery (otoplasty) that simple pulls the ear closer to the head and is much more commonly performed. Macrotia surgery involves actually making the size of the ear smaller - primarily focusing on reducing the upper half of the ear. This is a great example of... Continue Reading

Scapha Reduction Macrotia Surgery

Here is another example of one of my patients who underwent scapha reduction, or macrotia, ear surgery. This is a very rare type of surgery currently only performed by less than a handful of plastic surgeons - but one that I perform on a fairly regular basis. Although this is often discussed as being part of otoplasty surgery - it is quite different than doing ear pinning surgery.  There are quite a few plastic surgeons... Continue Reading
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Otoplasty Helical Rim Reshaping

This is a visual case example showing how otoplasty surgery can help correct a prominent helical rim contour. This patient had otoplasty surgery to pin the ears back, but he was bothered by the fact his helical rim continued to stick out just a bit. This is actually not unusual when it comes to cosmetic ear surgery and otoplasty. In order to address this problem, a procedure was performed under just local anesthesia. A short,... Continue Reading

Macrotia (Scapha Reduction) Case Example

When it comes to making a large ear smaller, I happen to be one of the few surgeons in the country who does this on a regular basis. This is termed macrotia surgery - also known as scapha reduction since the actual scapha is made to be smaller. Keep in mind this is totally unlike ear pinning, or otoplasty, surgery where the ear is essentially brought closer to the side of the head. Macrotia (scapha... Continue Reading

Can I Reduce the Size of My Ears?

Many patients who undergo surgery for their ears are concerned with how much the ear protrudes from the side of the head. Otoplasty surgery is commonly used to “pin” the ears back to cosmetically improve their natural position. However, some patients have ears that are disproportionately large compared to the size of their head, even when the ears are otherwise positioned close to the scalp. Macrotia ear surgery is designed to reduce the height and... Continue Reading

Ear Reduction Healing

See what early healing looks like following macrotia ear reduction surgery performed by Dr. John Hilinski. Macrotia ear reduction surgery, or scapha reduction surgery, is an unusual type of cosmetic ear surgery that is intended to actually make an ear smaller in size - not just pinning the ear back closer to the head. Dr. Hilinski is one of the nation's few experts in macrotia ear reduction. Learn more about this by using this link... Continue Reading

How Old Do You Have to Be for Otoplasty?

Otoplasty is one of the few cosmetic surgeries performed on children. The procedure is often considered when parents recognize that their child is embarrassed of having prominent ears as they try to hide them. For example, girls may not want to wear their hair up, and boys may want to keep their hair long. Ear pinning is most commonly performed on children who are between the ages of five and ten, since their ears will... Continue Reading

What Are the Benefits of Otoplasty Surgery?

Otoplasty, also known as ear pinning or ear shaping, can improve the position and/or shape of the ears. The procedure is most common in children between the ages of five and ten, as it helps prevent them from being teased and embarrassed at school. Otoplasty is also a viable option for adults who are self-conscious about their ears. Ear surgery can improve a variety of cosmetic concerns, including: The balance from one ear to the... Continue Reading

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