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Evening Out Upper Eyelids

So many patients who undergo upper eyelid lift surgery also have issues with asymmetry. Meaning, one eyelid is usually much heavier than the other and can draw even more unwanted attention to an already concerning area. Here is a great example of just that - a San Diego patient who had excess upper eyelid skin on both sides but had more droopy skin on her left upper eyelid. She consulted with Dr. Hilinski about a... Continue Reading
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Amazing Eyelid Rejuvenation

Check out these amazing eyelid rejuvenation results obtained by one of San Diego's leading blepharoplasty surgeons, Dr. John Hilinski. This female patient in her 40s wanted to have the heavy eyelid skin removed to give her a more rested look. As you can see in her preoperative photos, there is a significant amount of excess, weighted, loose eyelid skin that literally drapes over her eyelashes. Dr. Hilinski recommended an upper blepharoplasty (pronounced blef-R-O-plasty) to carefully... Continue Reading
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Eyelid Enhancement

Here is another great example of how Dr. Hilinski can help rejuvenate your upper and lower eyelids without making you look surgically 'done' as they say. This patient came to our office seeking treatment for unwanted upper eyelid and lower eyelid bags. Her examination showed excessive, heavy, weighted upper eyelid skin that was literally draped onto her eyelashes. The lower eyelids demonstrated the classic bags that bother so many prospective blepharoplasty patients. In addition, she... Continue Reading
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Eyelid Surgery San Diego

This is a great case example of what an upper eyelid lift can do to help rejuvenate your overall facial appearance. This middle-aged female from San Diego desired to look more rested and youthful. In particular, she was bothered by the fact that her upper eyelids had excess skin and appeared heavy on initial glance. When you look at her left eye (right side in the photo), you can appreciate how there is actually a... Continue Reading
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Eyelid Lift and Fat Transfer in San Diego

Check out these amazing, natural-looking results by Dr. John Hilinski who demonstrates the power of combining an eyelid lift with fat transfer. This middle-aged female patient simply wanted to look more rested and youthful - but she was fearful of looking 'surgical' or 'done' after facial cosmetic surgery. She consulted with Dr. Hilinski who is one of San Diego's best facial plastic surgeons and known for creating very natural appearing cosmetic results. Her main issue... Continue Reading
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Never Too Old For Eyelid Lift

This very pleasant lady demonstrates you are never too old to have cosmetic face surgery. She was bothered by her upper eyelids and how the excess skin contributed to a tired look for her eyes. In addition, she wanted the skin under her eyes to look smoother and more youthful. She consulted with San Diego's leading expert in facial rejuvenation - Dr. John Hilinski - who advised her to undergo an upper eyelid lift combined... Continue Reading

Non-Surgical Eyelid Lift

One of the hottest and most popular non-surgical treatments being done in our San Diego office nowadays is an eyelid lift, or eyelid rejuvenation. These widely popular treatments involve use of various injectable fillers to enhance the lower eyelid region in an effort to create a more rested, rejuvenated eyelid appearance. So what fillers can be used to produce the look of a lower eyelid lift? We use the following injectable fillers on a regular... Continue Reading

How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost?

Since each blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) is custom-tailored to meet the individual’s unique goals, the price of the procedure will vary from patient to patient. Factors that can influence the cost of your procedure may include: Whether you choose upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, or to combine both procedures The complexity of your procedure based upon your anatomical needs The type of anesthesia used and the skill of your anesthesiologist The experience of your plastic surgeon Some... Continue Reading

Can Blepharoplasty Improve My Vision?

As we age, the skin of the upper eyelid can begin to droop and may eventually impair the field of vision. Although many upper blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) patients seek to eliminate this excess skin and fat for cosmetic reasons, some patients can also significantly improve their vision with this commonly performed procedure. If your eyelids sag or droop to a degree that impedes your natural line of sight, upper blepharoplasty can restore your field of... Continue Reading

Nip and Tuck

This is a great example of what a little 'nip and tuck' can do for you. This very pleasant patient of mine wanted to simply look more refreshed. I ended up performing a lower face and upper neck tuck in combination with an upper eyelid lift to provide her with a nice, natural-looking cosmetic enhancement. In fact, she easily looks 10 years younger in my opinion!

Getting Rid of Extra Baggage

This is a typical case example of an elderly patient with unwanted 'bags' under the eye. This is a fairly common complaint that is a result of fat pushing out from under the eye. A lower eyelid procedure was performed by making an incision inside of the eyelid so that all external scars can be avoided. The excess fat is removed - leaving the lower eyelid with a more favorable shape and contour.

Lower Eyelid Muscle Tuck

This is a great example of what can be accomplished with a lower eyelid muscle tuck procedure. This young lady was unhappy with the excess fullness running along the lower eyelid region. Unlike most lower eyelid patients, who typically have excess fatty deposits that produce unwanted 'bags' under the eyes, this patient had a different problem. Her main issue was the underlying muscle (called the orbicularis oculi muscle) was considered hypertrophic, or too thick. I... Continue Reading

Wow! See What Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty Can Do!

Take a look at this more dramatic example of what upper eyelid blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) can do for you. This very pleasant lady was suffering from very heavy upper eyelids due to excess, weighted skin. I ended up performing a cosmetic upper eyelid lift to help give her a more rested and rejuvenated look. Let me know what you think of her results!

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