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Lop Ear

Lop ear deformity is a condition that results from abnormal development of the top portion of the ear. It is also commonly referred to as a constricted ear or cup ear deformity. 

The hallmark of a lop ear deformity is a helical rim (the top border of the ear) that is folded over. This can be mild in some cases or rather severe in others. When the segment of the ear just inside of the helical rim, called the scapha, is involved, the top one-third of the ear can appear even more abnormal. In this instance, the ear can appear to be more compressed from the top, leading to the term constricted ear deformity. In short, any of these lop ear deformities make the ear look too short in a vertical direction. 

Lop Ear Correction

Any attempt at correcting the lop ear will involve some method of making the ear more vertical in height, or taller. 

If lop ear is addressed during infancy, it can frequently be done successfully with non-surgical ear molding options. Once the ear has grown, though, it requires true surgical reshaping to make it look more normal. 

Surgical repair of lop ear varies depending on the underlying deformity. In nearly all cases, the top portion of the ear has to be completely reshaped by strategic reorientation of the abnormal cartilage framework of the ear. In some cases, additional cartilage has to be taken from somewhere else in order to have sufficient ‘building material’ to properly reconstruct the ear. 

Expertise in Lop Ear Repair

So often you will see plastic surgeons online touting their expertise in managing and treating lop ear deformity. But when you look at their websites, you realize they are simply doing otoplasty, or ear pinning, surgery – and not true correction of a lop ear. The reality is that there are very few plastic surgeons out there – like Dr. Hilinski – who have dedicated experience in correcting the lop ear deformity and can show you actual photos of their own patients. 

Lop Ear Correction Photos

Here are some select examples of how Dr. Hilinski was able to correct the lop ear deformity.

patient before Otoplasty
Patient after Otoplasty after 2 days

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