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Rhinophyma Treatment

RhinophymaPhotoRhinophyma is an abnormal skin condition that can affect the nose – leading to significant problems in terms of cosmetic appearance. The adjacent photo is a great example of rhinophyma can cause the nose skin to look overgrown and excessively thick. This usually involves the lower one-half of the nose skin – and can often times have dramatic effects on the appearance of the nostril skin. Sometimes, the rhinophyma can become so severe that the nose skin appears almost mulberry-like from the overgrowth of the sebaceous glands.

There are a good number of rhinophyma patients who also have trouble breathing through their nose as a result of the overly active skin. When rhinophyma becomes advanced, the skin can thicken to the point where it literally causes the nostril openings to collapse inward under the dense weight. When this occurs, patients with rhinophyma will note some degree of subjective nasal obstruction.

Fortunately, Dr. Hilinski is a known expert when it comes to treating rhinophyma patients and correcting both the cosmetic and functional problems. To learn more about rhinophyma and the various treatment options, click here to read Dr. Hilinski’s ultimate guide to rhinophyma.

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