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Ear Lobe Reshaping

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Combining Facelift Surgery With Otoplasty (Ear Reshaping)

I just finished two surgeries in the last two days with both patients undergoing combined facelift surgery with otoplasty (ear reshaping). It just so happens that both of these patients from San Diego desired reshaping of their ears as well as facial rejuvenation of the lower face and upper neck. In both cases, we were able to easily reshape the ears in the midst of the face lift procedure. When performing a facelift surgery, we have... Continue Reading
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Ear Lobe Reshaping/Reduction

I had a patient consult with our office recently who inquired about ear lobe reduction/reshaping. This happens to be a niche procedure that not a lot of plastic surgeons actually perform on a regular basis. Given the fact that my practice focuses on facial plastic surgery here in San Diego, ear lobe reduction is something that I have done fairly consistently over the years. It is actually a variation of a limited otoplasty, or ear... Continue Reading

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