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Neck Lift Without Facelift Surgery in San Diego

Want to know how to achieve a neck lift without having a facelift procedure? This is a great example of a patient who desired to have a more defined jaw and neckline, yet did not want to have a formal facelift with incisions made all around the ears. Given the fact she had relatively good skin elasticity, she was considered a candidate to undergo combined neck liposuction and tightening of her platysma muscle (called a... Continue Reading
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Revision Rhinoplasty: San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon Reveals Common Patient Concerns

The thought of undergoing a secondary rhinoplasty procedure may be unsettling, but Dr. John Hilinski says patients needing revision nose surgery in San Diego are not alone. San Diego, CA -- Dr. John Hilinski, a facial plastic surgeon in San Diego, says revision rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures requested at his practice. He performs revision rhinoplasty on a weekly basis. Because rhinoplasty is one of the most intricately complex treatments in aesthetic... Continue Reading

Revision Reconstructive Nose Surgery for Pinched Nasal Tip and Collapsed Nostrils

Learn more about management of a pinched and collapsed nasal tip. This patient from San Diego had prior surgery by a different surgeon years ago. Unfortunately, her nasal tip began to collapse leaving her with a pinched appearance. In addition, she had issues with the contour and shape of her nasal bridge following prior unsuccessful nose surgery. I ended up performing a revision reconstructive nose surgery to help repair her breathing. In the process, we... Continue Reading
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African American Nose Job Rhinoplasty Tutorial

Come learn more about African American rhinoplasty surgery - also known as African American nose job surgery - in the latest additional to the San Diego rhinoplasty tutorial developed by expert cosmetic nose surgeon Dr. John Hilinski. This latest chapter in the growing library of rhinoplasty discussions focuses on management of the African American nose. If you are African American and considering cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery, click here to learn more about this type of ethnic... Continue Reading
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Subnasale Upper Lip Lift to Shorten An Elongated Upper Lip

This is another great example of how a subnasale upper lip lift can be used to treat an excessively long upper lip (elongated upper lip). This female from San Diego, CA came to me requesting a shorter upper lip. She simply did not like the fact that her upper lip was too long when seen from the various angles. If you look at her upper lip, you can appreciate the fact that it is, indeed,... Continue Reading
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Female Middle Eastern Cosmetic Nose Surgery

This is a female Middle Eastern rhinoplasty patient who sought out an expert rhinoplasty surgeon to reshape her nose. Her main issues involve the nasal tip and columella region. More specifically, this particular patient had what is called a hanging columella. This means that the area in between the nostrils hung down too low - giving the appearance that it was drooping off of the nasal tip region. In addition, her nasal tip was poorly... Continue Reading
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Undergoing Primary Tip Open Rhinoplasty in San Diego, CA

This is another example of primary tip open rhinoplasty in a female patient who was from San Diego, CA. This young lady was unhappy with how her nasal tip appeared droopy (ptotic) and was excessively wide. The nose was also asymmetrical (crooked) in terms of the front view. During her consultation with me, we performed digital imaging of her nose using a plastic surgery software program that allows us to visualize what certain changes might... Continue Reading
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Stretched Earlobe Laceration Repair

This is the latest addition to our growing photo gallery of earlobe repair patients. This one would be considered a less dramatic case of gauge earring piercing correction. This young female from San Diego decided to get rid of her gauge earlobe piercings at an earlier stage than many other gauge earring users. Her earlobe defects were obvious but not as extensive as other patients that are seeking repair of the stretched earlobe. Like other... Continue Reading
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Facial Implants Offer Long-Term Solution to Volume Loss Says San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon

San Diego, CA -- Dr. John Hilinski, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in San Diego, says he has noticed a dramatic increase of patients interested in facial implants at his practice over the past few years. This trend is confirmed by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), which finds that the number of facial implants performed on women has risen by 50 percent in the past year. Designed to add volume... Continue Reading
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Limited Otoplasty for Keloid Scarring of Ear in San Diego, CA

This case example highlights a very common problem that is seen in our office - keloid scarring of the ear following piercing. This particular female from San Diego sought out our services because she developed a very unsightly scar on her ear after piercing it several years ago. This type of scarring is referred to as a keloid scar since the excess, hard tissue that developed began to overgrow the area. As you can imagine,... Continue Reading
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San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon Launches Mobile Website to Aid Patients on the Go

San Diego, CA -- Dr. John Hilinski, a facial plastic surgeon in San Diego, has recently announced the launch of a new mobile website for his practice to help assist patients in their search for online care and procedure information. As mobile phones and tablets continue to become an integral part of mainstream culture, Dr. Hilinski says more and more patients are utilizing the internet to research their facial plastic surgery procedures. He says adding... Continue Reading
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Gauge Earring Repair Updates

With an increasing number of patients requesting repair of gauged earring holes, we have just added a new page to our growing plastic surgery website that focuses on the nuances of how the earlobe is repaired following gauge piercings. We hope this proves helpful to those prospective patients out there who are considering surgical closure of a gauged earlobe hole.
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Healing From Cervical Liposuction and Lipocontouring Double Chin Surgery

The following photo series provides you with a glimpse of what actual results are like following liposuction of the face and neck region for a double chin deformity. This particular patient had a combination of liposuction and chin implant to improve the appearance of her lower face and upper neck while providing improved definition. The photo series shown below depicts her preoperative chin and neck along with her healing at approximately one month out and three months... Continue Reading

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