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Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkle-Free Wednesdays

Just a quick historical note on Botox. Years ago, Dr. Hilinski came up with a Botox promotional called wrinkle-free Wednesdays, which was intended to give special pricing to San Diego Botox patients who scheduled on Wednesdays. By having so many Botox patients come in on one day - our office schedule and flow was made much easier. Unfortunately, as the months went on, Dr. Hilinski realized that nearly every Wednesday, the schedule was simply too... Continue Reading

Avoiding the Spock Look

We here this all the time from new Botox and Dysport patients coming to our San Diego office. 'I don't want Spock eyebrows' they say. Well, no reputable cosmetic doctor wants to create the Spock eyebrow look. But, unfortunately, it can and does still occur when Botox and Dysport is injected by doctors and nurses who don't have a lot of knowledge and experience with forehead muscles and facial movement. The Spock eyebrow is an... Continue Reading

Exercising After Botox?

If you have been to our San Diego office and had Botox and/or Dysport injections you will likely have heard Dr. Hilinski recommend that you should refrain from exercising for at least 24-48 hours after the treatment. But why is this? Is it because of unwanted bruising after Botox or Dsyport? Nope. The main reason Dr. Hilinski recommends you avoid exertional activities for 24-48 hours is to minimize your blood pressure and heart rate from... Continue Reading

Botox Versus Dysport Units

In 2018, Botox and Dysport continue to be the most popular and effective wrinkle fighting agents that we use in our San Diego office. Both treatments are quite effective in reducing unwanted wrinkles and lines - and can be considered fairly equivalent when it comes to delivering cosmetic results. But Botox and Dysport are fairly different in terms of how potent each 'unit' is in controlling muscle movement. One (1) unit of Botox is about... Continue Reading

Advantages of Dysport Over Botox?

Many patients ask if there are any advantages to using Dysport instead of Botox. For years and years, Botox was the only neurotoxin available here in San Diego to treat unwanted facial wrinkles and creases. Fortunately, in 2009 Dysport was approved by the FDA for cosmetic use to effectively treat facial wrinkles and lines in between the eyebrows. Ever since Dysport came out, patients have been asking why switch to Dysport if I have been... Continue Reading

Under Eye Wrinkles and Botox

Every once in a while you will hear someone say their under eyes are more wrinkled after getting Botox or Dysport in the crow's feet. When patients get Botox and Dysport in the crow's feet area, the intention is to stop that portion of the muscle to reduce animation lines and wrinkles - particularly when people are smiling. This graphic here helps to explain why the area under the eye can appear more wrinkled after... Continue Reading

Scheduling Botox Treatments

Botox Appointments Don't worry about missing your next Botox or Dysport appointment! For several years now, Dr. Hilinski and his staff have been sending out friendly reminders to all of our Botox and Dysport patients in San Diego. Currently, we use a system called PatientNow that helps us to keep you informed of when you need to come in for a Botox or Dysport treatment. Patients will typically get a text and/or email reminder sent... Continue Reading

Lower Eyelid Filler Injection

What is Dr. Hilinski's favorite injectable filler for under the eyes? For many years it was Restylane - as many of you San Diego patients know from having your lower eyelids rejuvenated. Traditional Juvederm was simply too unpredictable when injected under the eyes as a non-surgical lower eyelid lift. That is because Juvederm absorbs a bit more water - resulting in an overly puffy, water-filled look to the lower eyelid region. Therefore, Restylane was Dr.... Continue Reading

Great Botox Results in San Diego

Best Botox Results How does San Diego's leading plastic surgeon, Dr. Hilinski, get such amazing Botox and Dysport results on a such a consistent basis? First of all, Dr. Hilinski has unparalleled training here in San Diego when it comes to Botox and Dsyport treatments for unwanted wrinkles. He is a Harvard Medical School graduate with double board certification in the field. Dr. Hilinski knows the anatomy of how the face muscles move and work... Continue Reading

San Diego’s Bellafill Expert

Dr. Hilinski is widely considered a regional expert when it comes to Bellafill injection for facial enhancement. Dr. Hilinski is one of just a handful of cosmetic doctors who have been using Bellafill ever since it came out many years ago. That provides him with unparalleled experience and expertise in the use of Bellafill to help you address unwanted wrinkles and volume loss from facial aging. Dr. Hilinski has been using this injectable filler for... Continue Reading

Reduced Pain with Vibrata

What can help with pain when getting Botox injections? One measure that San Diego expert injector, Dr. John Hilinski, uses to reduce pain associated with Botox and Dysport treatment is the vibrata device shown here. This is essentially a small vibrating tool that can be placed on the face during placement of the Botox or Dysport. By creating a buzzing sensation, this helps to distract your brain from the actual pain and discomfort of the... Continue Reading

Baby Botox?

So what is this new talk about 'Baby Botox'? Fortunately, it has nothing to do with injecting Botox into babies! Baby Botox is a new term that has been recently used to describe a technique for Botox and Dysport injections. This technique, however, is not really new. Dr. Hilinski and other Botox experts have been talking about 'Baby Botox' for years - but have often referenced this as 'micro Botox' injections. Simply put, Baby Botox... Continue Reading

Bellafill Leading Expert

Did you know that Dr. Hilinski is one of San Diego's and Orange County's leading experts when it comes to Bellafill use? Although there are many different cosmetic physicians in San Diego offering Bellafill injection, Dr. Hilinski is one of only a handful of doctors in San Diego who has been using Bellafill from the very beginning. Bellafill History Bellafill is the current name of the well-known injectable filler that everyone loves because it is... Continue Reading

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