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Update On Dermal Fillers

Many patients ask whether or not fillers can be used in the more aged patient as an alternative to undergoing the knife. The reality is that many patients, including more elderly patients, are considered great candidates to undergo dermal filler treatment of their face. The following patient is a great example of exactly what I am referring to with dermal fillers. This female patient from San Diego is 77 years old and simply didn't want... Continue Reading
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Artefill Medical Advisory Board

The Hilinski Clinic is proud to announce that Dr. Hilinski was chosen to be on the Suneva Medical Advisory Board for the upcoming year. Suneva Medical is the maker of Artefill, the only FDA-approved non-resorbable, aka permanent, dermal filler on the market. Dr. Hilinski is looking forward to becoming more involved with Suneva in advancing the use of Artefill in the field of facial plastic surgery.
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What is Artefill?

Artefill, made by Suneva Medical in San Diego, is the only FDA approved permanent injectable filler on the market. Artefill is a fantastic injectable filler product that is a great alternative to Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Radiesse and Sculptra. It is used very much like the other fillers for smoothing out unwanted facial lines, creases and wrinkles. The one exception is the lip where Artefill should not be used. You do have to get skin tested... Continue Reading

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