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Botox by Dentists?

Would you go to your dentist for Botox or Dysport treatment? Probably not is what most people say. But the reality is that some dentists here in San Diego and Orange County now offer Botox and Dsyport injections for cosmetic indications. There are dentists that have injected Botox and Dsyport for TMJ problems - which really does fall into their primary line of work. But for cosmetic wrinkle reduction? A handful of these dentists are... Continue Reading

How to Eliminate a Double Chin

A double chin is a common cosmetic concern that can alter the shape of the face and reduce the prominence of the chin and natural jawline. Traditionally, surgical procedures such as liposuction or a neck lift have been used to address excess fat below the chin. For patients who want to take a more conservative approach to eliminating the appearance of a double chin, Dr. John Hilinski offers KYBELLA® – an injectable treatment designed to... Continue Reading

Kybella Double Chin Fat Treatment

Ever wanted to get rid of that pesky double chin? Do you have excess submental (below the chin) fat? Kybella may be the exact treatment you need to create a more defined neckline. Kybella is an FDA-approved office-based injection that can help melt unwanted fat under the chin. Dr. Hilinski, an expert in facial plastic surgery, is one of the area's leading experts on treating this type of cosmetic issue. Call our office today to... Continue Reading

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