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Persian Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping

This is the latest addition to our popular online rhinoplasty tutorial - a chapter focusing on Persian rhinoplasty surgery. Learn more about reshaping the Persian nose through this case example of a young female Persian patient from San Diego who desired functional and aesthetic reconstruction of her nose. Let us know what you think of her results!

The Hilinski Foundation for Surgery

Stay tuned tomorrow night (Friday, Nov. 21st) to Channel 10 News at 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm when this little guy, Brian, from San Diego will be featured following recent facial plastic surgery to reshape his ears. I am very proud to say that our own Hilinski Foundation for Surgery was able to offer the services to him free of charge as part of our mission to provide charitable facial plastic surgery to deserving youth in... Continue Reading

Subnasale Upper Lip Shortening

Just finished another subnasale upper lip lift surgery today on a very charming young lady who flew out from South Carolina to have me operate on her. Her surgery went beautifully - giving her a nice enhanced upper lip appearance by providing much better proportion and balance.

Guess the Difference!

It is often said that the best plastic surgery is the type you cannot detect. I think this particular patient exemplifies just that - she looks improved and more rested - but has no obvious signs or stigmata of having had facial plastic surgery. But what has changed in the before and after photo? Guess what she had done and post your answers here!

Sculptra Liquid Facelift Treatment

We have seen a recent rise in terms of patient inquiries regarding liquid facelift treatment using Sculptra - one of the best options for facial rejuvenation. Sculptra is an injectable solution that can be used to help restore lost volume in the face to help you regain a more youthful and rested facial appearance. In many cases, patients are able to achieve such a nice cosmetic enhancement, they appear to have had a facelift -... Continue Reading

Natural Facelift Results

Many patients seeking possible facelift surgery often times worry about looking too stretched or pulled following the procedure. The reality is that plastic surgeons have to really go out of their way to create that type of undesirable look. This lady was recently seen back in my office following a lower face and upper neck lift I performed many months back. I thought she was a good example to show others what might be possible... Continue Reading

Large Gauge Earlobe Defect

Over the past several years, my practice has seen a huge increase in the number of patients seeking corrective plastic surgery for gauge earring defects. These patients have all had prior piercings with use of gauges that have stretched the earlobes to a variable degree. Once they stop using the gauges, the earlobes are left with a rather sizable defect. Correction of this type of earlobe abnormality requires very delicate plastic surgery performed by someone... Continue Reading

Magazine Features Dr. Hilinski for His Practice Software

Most people know Dr. John Hilinski for his expertise in facial plastic surgery. However, a little known fact about him is that he enjoys writing business software in his spare time. For the past two years, our team has been utilizing software that Dr. Hilinski developed - called “E-Log” - for a more efficient, paperless logging system. “Each of our staff members carries an iPad to use the software, allowing them to track various practice... Continue Reading

Dr. Hilinski Lectures at UCSD on Nasal Tip Refinement

Our experienced facial plastic surgeon recently had the honor of speaking at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) at the Medical Center Division of Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds. Dr. John Hilinski focused his lecture on rhinoplasty, discussing the various surgical techniques for achieving the desired nasal tip shape. In his lecture, which was titled, “Nasal Tip Refinement: Tips and Techniques,” he shared the technical details and various challenges that come with cosmetic nasal tip reshaping.... Continue Reading

Transformative Rhinoplasty

The latest addition to our ever-growing online rhinoplasty tutorial focuses on how rhinoplasty surgery provided a beautiful transformation of this young lady's appearance. This type of transformative cosmetic nose reshaping surgery can ofte times have a significant, positive impact on overall facial esthetics. Her particular case included hump reduction, nasal bone reshaping and tip enhancement. Learn more about this case by click here.

What is a Mid Facelift?

As discussed in our recent blog post comparing the difference between facelift and mini lift procedures, no one lifting procedure is right for everyone. In fact, our facial plastic surgeon explains that the mid facelift may be an effective The mid facelift is a specialized procedure designed to correct loose, sagging tissue of the cheek area, a region of the face that is not always effectively treated by the traditional facelift. Patients who make the... Continue Reading

The Difference Between Facelift & Mini Lift Procedures

When patients visit Dr. John Hilinski with the desire to rejuvenate their facial appearance, a number of procedures are considered -- both surgical and non-surgical. One solution, in particular, has proven to address some of the most common concerns caused by aging: the facelift. While some patients can achieve beautiful results with this popular procedure, Dr. Hilinski explains that others may be able to reach their goals through a less extensive version: the “mini lift.”... Continue Reading

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