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Large Ear Made Smaller

Yet another amazing case of ear reduction performed by San Diego cosmetic ear specialist, Dr. John Hilinski. If you research ear reduction surgery online, you are likely going to find that Dr. Hilinski is the country's leading expert when it comes to making large ears smaller in size. He has grown this niche segment of his plastic surgery practice over many years - accumulating the most experience and knowledge when it comes to making patient's... Continue Reading
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Making A Large Ear Smaller

No - this is not another case of otoplasty, or ear pinning. Look more closely. This amazing result came about after Dr. Hilinski performed macrotia, or scapha ear reduction, surgery on this young female patient. She was bothered by the fact that her ears were too large - as seen from top to bottom. So Dr. Hilinski reduced the upper portion of her ear by taking away skin and cartilage - then reducing the earlobe... Continue Reading
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Macrotia Surgery Instant Change

Macrotia surgery is a specific type of cosmetic ear reshaping procedure that helps to reduce the size of one's ear. Ear pinning is a completely different type of cosmetic ear surgery (otoplasty) that simple pulls the ear closer to the head and is much more commonly performed. Macrotia surgery involves actually making the size of the ear smaller - primarily focusing on reducing the upper half of the ear. This is a great example of... Continue Reading

Macrotia (Scapha Reduction) Case Example

When it comes to making a large ear smaller, I happen to be one of the few surgeons in the country who does this on a regular basis. This is termed macrotia surgery - also known as scapha reduction since the actual scapha is made to be smaller. Keep in mind this is totally unlike ear pinning, or otoplasty, surgery where the ear is essentially brought closer to the side of the head. Macrotia (scapha... Continue Reading

Ear Reduction Healing

See what early healing looks like following macrotia ear reduction surgery performed by Dr. John Hilinski. Macrotia ear reduction surgery, or scapha reduction surgery, is an unusual type of cosmetic ear surgery that is intended to actually make an ear smaller in size - not just pinning the ear back closer to the head. Dr. Hilinski is one of the nation's few experts in macrotia ear reduction. Learn more about this by using this link... Continue Reading

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