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Mole Removal

Facial Mole Shave Removal

This is another great example of how moles can be permanently removed with minimal signs of scarring. This young lady desired to have her facial moles taken off. I recommended a specialized shave technique where the mole is removed without having to use sutures or stitches. You can see from the photo comparison here that the moles have been successfully erased with really no obvious signs of visible scarring. Let us know what you think... Continue Reading

Facial Mole Removal

I was recently asked to provide some more detailed information regarding removal of facial moles. This is a relatively straightforward facial enhancement procedure that I happen to do on a regular basis as a facial plastic surgeon. Here is a link to the latest addition to our ever-growing website that focuses on facial cosmetic enhancement here in San Diego. Let me know what you think!

Mole Removal Without Obvious Scarring

This patient was recently seen for follow-up after having a mole removed from her face. I just thought she was a great example of facial mole removal. As you can see, she had a mole in the middle portion of her left cheek that she wanted removed for cosmetic purposes. As you can also tell, she has ethnic type skin that is darker and thicker. This type of skin can often be more difficult to... Continue Reading

No, It’s Not Photoshop!

This is a great example of how meticulous technique (and a little luck!) can help essentially erase any signs of an unwanted facial mole. Although it looks like her image was just photoshopped, it actually took a real plastic surgery procedure to cut out the two dark moles under her right eye region. I was able to do this case with a very careful shave technique using a scalpel to excise (remove) the moles individually.... Continue Reading

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