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How Long Will Sculptra® Aesthetic Results Last?

Injectables provide rejuvenating effects in different ways – dermal fillers add volume to targeted facial areas, while BOTOX® Cosmetic weakens overactive facial muscles that lead to lines and wrinkles. An alternative to these options, Sculptra® Aesthetic, actually targets the cause of many facial wrinkles by enhancing and reinforcing the deeper layers of skin by replacing […]

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Forehead Lift Suspension For Crooked Eyebrow Position

Many patients inquire about crooked eyebrow position, also known as asymmetric eyebrow positioning, and whether or not a browlift might help. What they are referring to is the actual position and shape of the eyebrows. In a good majority of people, the eyebrows naturally sit differently on both sides of the forehead – one side […]

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Reverse Brow Lift For Excessively Long Forehead

I was just speaking with one of my plastic surgery colleagues here in San Diego about recent inquiries regarding patients with excessively long foreheads. Believe it or not this is a relatively common complaint among patients, particularly females. Usually patients note that their hairline starts much higher up than normal. This gives the appearance the […]

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