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Repair of the Broken Crooked Twisted Nose

Learn more about repair of the broken nose in this latest addition to our online San Diego rhinoplasty tutorial. This most recent chapter focuses on a patient who broke his nose resulting in a crooked alignment that required surgical repair to help restore a more normal appearing alignment. I hope this provides helpful insight to anyone out there who has a crooked nose from injury and is contemplating reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery.

Suture Reshaping of the Ear

Learn more about suture reshaping of the ear in this latest addition to our otoplasty discussion page. This case example focuses on use of Mustarde suture technique - a specific method that can be used to cosmetically reshape the overly prominent ear in otoplasty patients. See for yourself why our office has become a regional referral center for plastic surgery of the ear.

Hispanic Male Septorhinoplasty

This is a great example of reconstructive septorhinoplasty (nose job surgery) in an ethnic male patient with a Hispanic background. This case shows just how important it is to be mindful of ethnicity when performing nose reshaping surgery. See more of this case example of ethnic male rhinoplasty (Hispanic rhinoplasty surgery) by clicking here.
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Cosmetic Surgery to Shorten the Lip?

Yes - there is actually a cosmetic surgical procedure to shorten the upper lip. The procedure is called a subnasale (under the nose) upper lip lift surgery. This highly specialized surgery is intended to shorten one's upper lip in cases where it appears too long. This most recent addition to our San Diego facial plastic surgery website discusses the nuances of this procedure in detail - focusing on one of my recent upper lip lift... Continue Reading

Rhinophyma Surgical Treatment in San Diego

Learn more about rhinophyma surgical treatment in the latest addition to our growing online rhinoplasty tutorial at Rhinophyma is a somewhat uncommon condition that results in the nose skin becoming excessively thick and nodular in appearance. In many cases, this creates much anxiety in rhinophyma patients simply due to the unusual appearance. In cases like this, I will use a carbon dioxide laser to surgically treat the skin to help restore a more normal... Continue Reading
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Upper Lip Lift – Cosmetic Lip Shortening Surgery

I just finished doing another subnasale upper lip lift procedure here in the office this morning. This latest patient to have this type of cosmetic upper lip surgery was a very pleasant young lady who flew out from New York to have me perform the procedure. Like most upper lip lift surgery candidates, her main concern was an excessively elongated upper lip. After much online research, she decided to fly out to San Diego for... Continue Reading
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African American Ethnic Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

I recently added another case example to our growing online rhinoplasty tutorial. This latest addition is focused on African American ethnic rhinoplasty surgery using a male patient as an example. This chapter highlights the considerations necessary when thinking of cosmetic reshaping of the African American nose. I hope this helps any African American rhinoplasty candidates out there considering cosmetic ethnic nose reshaping surgery.

How Can You Best Prepare For Rhinoplasty? Dr. John Hilinski Answers Your Questions

Part one of our two-part rhinoplasty series entitled “San Diego Plastic Surgeon Answers Questions About Rhinoplasty Consultations” detailed what Dr. John Hilinski’s nose surgery patients can expect during the initial consultation process. In this post, our experienced plastic surgeon will outline how to prepare for rhinoplasty surgery, what to expect the day of surgery, and what he expects from patients during the recovery period. Question: What can a patient do to make sure they are... Continue Reading

San Diego Plastic Surgeon Answers Your Questions About Rhinoplasty Consultations

Dr. John Hilinski recently took some time to answer questions about what patients can expect when they visit our San Diego plastic surgery practice for a rhinoplasty consultation. Below are Dr. Hilinski’s answers about his own consultation process and why he encourages his prospective patients to seek out a second opinion if they feel unsure about the procedure. Question: What does a rhinoplasty consultation entail? Dr. Hilinski: The consultation entails a thorough dialogue, focusing on... Continue Reading
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Cosmetic Ear Reshaping Otoplasty Incision Placement

During many of my otoplasty (cosmetic ear reshaping) consultations in my San Diego, CA office, patients commonly ask about the incision placement. Obviously, one of the concerns when undergoing cosmetic ear surgery is the visibility of scarring. Fortunately, I happen to use an otoplasty technique where my incisions are kept essentially entirely behind the ear. I do this specifically so that I can hide the ear incisions and scars from being visible. The photos here... Continue Reading
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Dr. Hilinski to Give Lecture on the Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedure

On Wednesday, August 14th, our very own Dr. John Hilinski will be speaking at the UCSD Medical Center in La Jolla, California. He was invited by the faculty to speak as part of the UCSD Division of Plastic Surgery lecture series, and is excited to present his lecture entitled "Updates in My Ethnic Rhinoplasty Practice." Dr. Hilinski believes it is important to participate in lectures and continuing education, as it helps him improve and share... Continue Reading
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Dr. John Hilinski Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Ear Surgery

Recently, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) released statistics revealing that 30,358 otoplasty procedures were performed across the United States in 2012, making ear surgery the 10th most popular cosmetic surgery performed last year. In light of the procedure’s popularity, we sat down with our double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. John Hilinski, to learn a bit more about cosmetic ear surgery at our San Diego facial plastic surgery practice. Below are Dr. Hilinski’s... Continue Reading

San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon Compares Dermal Fillers

Dr. John Hilinski breaks down dermal fillers into three separate types San Diego, CA – Dr. John Hilinski, a San Diego plastic surgeon, has devoted his career to facial plastic surgery. In addition to being a recognized expert in the field of rhinoplasty, Dr. Hilinski offers a number of injectable filler treatments at his private practice.   According to Dr. Hilinski, dermal fillers are used to: Correct fine lines, wrinkles and skin creases Augment areas... Continue Reading

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