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Nose Job

Narrowing a Wide Nasal Bridge

Learn more about narrowing a wide nasal bridge in this latest addition to our online rhinoplasty tutorial. This female patient desired to have (among other things) a more narrowed bridge. This was accomplished with osteotomies - whereby the nasal bones are intentionally broken and reshaped. Take a look at her before and after rhinoplasty results and let me know what you think!

Cephalic Orientation of Cartilage

Our most recent addition to San Diego's best and ever-expanding online rhinoplasty tutorial focuses on a special problem related to the bulbous nasal tip - cephalic orientation of the lower lateral cartilage. This is a relatively common problem in many patients seeking cosmetic nose work. Take a closer look to find out more about a highly specialized technique that can be used to provide a natural looking, more feminine nose in this group of rhinoplasty... Continue Reading

Teenage Nose Job Surgery

See the latest addition to our online rhinoplasty tutorial focusing on teenagers undergoing cosmetic nose job surgery. This young lady from San Diego desired to have her nose reshaped after several years of contemplating what nose job surgery might do for her facial appearance. This demographic group of teenagers seeking cosmetic nose surgery is a growing part of my rhinoplasty practice - largely due to the dynamics of social media such as Instagram and Facebook.... Continue Reading

Persian or Iranian Nose Job Surgery

See the latest example of Persian or Iranian nose job surgery performed by San Diego rhinoplasty expert, Dr. John Hilinski. See how cosmetic nose surgery was performed to create a more refined, yet natural looking nose in this very pleasant rhinoplasty patient from San Diego.
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Reconstructive Rhinoplasty for MOHS Defect

As an expert in nasal reconstruction, I commonly see patients who are seeking to have their noses repaired following skin cancer removal, or MOHS surgery. This is particularly common in this region of the country where sun exposure is so common year round. This very pleasant lady from San Diego consulted with me to see if I could help restore a more natural looking nostril rim after the skin cancer removal created a notched looking... Continue Reading

African-American Nose Job

Learn more about African-American cosmetic nose job surgery through this latest case example of ethnic rhinoplasty. African-American rhinoplasty is a very specific and challenging subset within the world of cosmetic nose surgery that demands advanced surgical training and expertise. I happen to think this particular patient has an absolutely beautiful outcome - with a nose that is much more defined and fitting for her face. Let me know what you happen to think of her results!

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty for a Bulbous Wide Tip

This is one of the latest additions to our online rhinoplasty tutorial intended to help anyone with a bulbous nasal tip learn more about corrective nose job surgery. See how cosmetic rhinoplasty helped transform this young lady's nose including complete reshaping of her bulbous, wide nasal tip. Let us know what you think of her rhinoplasty results!

Insurance-Based Nose Job

I get inquiries quite frequently from patients asking about insurance-based nose job surgery. This link here will explain in more detail the type of nose surgery that is commonly covered by PPO health insurance carriers like Cigna, Health Net, United Healthcare, Aetna and other PPO plans. This is just one example of many types of reconstructive nose surgery that is considered functional in nature. Although the main emphasis is to make the nose work better,... Continue Reading

Persian Rhinoplasty Nose Reshaping

This is the latest addition to our popular online rhinoplasty tutorial - a chapter focusing on Persian rhinoplasty surgery. Learn more about reshaping the Persian nose through this case example of a young female Persian patient from San Diego who desired functional and aesthetic reconstruction of her nose. Let us know what you think of her results!

Dr. Hilinski Lectures at UCSD on Nasal Tip Refinement

Our experienced facial plastic surgeon recently had the honor of speaking at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) at the Medical Center Division of Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds. Dr. John Hilinski focused his lecture on rhinoplasty, discussing the various surgical techniques for achieving the desired nasal tip shape. In his lecture, which was titled, “Nasal Tip Refinement: Tips and Techniques,” he shared the technical details and various challenges that come with cosmetic nasal tip reshaping.... Continue Reading

Transformative Rhinoplasty

The latest addition to our ever-growing online rhinoplasty tutorial focuses on how rhinoplasty surgery provided a beautiful transformation of this young lady's appearance. This type of transformative cosmetic nose reshaping surgery can ofte times have a significant, positive impact on overall facial esthetics. Her particular case included hump reduction, nasal bone reshaping and tip enhancement. Learn more about this case by click here.

Composite Ear Graft Surgery

The latest addition to our ever-growing online rhinoplasty tutorial for rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty patients focuses on a specific technique to correct excessively arched nostril rims - the composite ear graft. Take a look using the link provided here to learn more detailed information about correction of alar retraction or arched nostril rims.

Hispanic Ethnic Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Learn more about cosmetic Hispanic ethnic rhinoplasty surgery in the latest addition to our online rhinoplasty tutorial. This young lady desired more refinement of her nose, yet wished to remain looking like herself. I performed cosmetic nose surgery that included addressing a number of the Hispanic features of her nose that were too exaggerated for her desires. Her Hispanic rhinoplasty surgery is discussed in more detail here using this link. Let us know what you... Continue Reading

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