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Flatter Tummy

See what Coolsculpting was able to do for this San Diego woman who desired a flatter tummy! This patient underwent an initial Coolsculpting treatment that provided her with a significant improvement in fat reduction around the tummy and hips. She then elected to undergo a second fat freezing session with San Diego’s best team of Coolsculpting specialists. Shown here is her progression through the treatments. After just one Coolsculpting session, she had a very nice result. But, like many patients who love the changes from Coolsculpting, she wanted even more! You can see here what that second session of freezing fat did – giving her an even flatter, more shapely tummy. As we talk about all the time, you can also see that the skin even looks tighter from freezing the fat. In fact, many plastic and cosmetic surgery experts will tell you that Coolsculpting outcomes like this rival tummy tuck results – just without the scarring, invasive surgery and intense recovery. If you live in the greater San Diego area and have unwanted fat around the tummy and hips that is bothering you, contact our office today to consult with the best Coolsculpting specialists around.

Flatter Tummy Results


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