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Advantages of Dysport Over Botox?

Many patients ask if there are any advantages to using Dysport instead of Botox.

For years and years, Botox was the only neurotoxin available here in San Diego to treat unwanted facial wrinkles and creases. Fortunately, in 2009 Dysport was approved by the FDA for cosmetic use to effectively treat facial wrinkles and lines in between the eyebrows. Ever since Dysport came out, patients have been asking why switch to Dysport if I have been using Botox for so long?

Dysport Over Botox

The reality is that Dysport and Botox are so close to one another that any cosmetic doctor injecting either of these two neurotoxins would see they are very comparable. So much so that you can really think of them as being interchangeable.

But if hard pressed, Dr. Hilinski will tell you that he thinks Dysport potentially has three purported advantages when compared with Botox cosmetic injection. These include:

  • Faster onset of action in many patients.  In many Dysport patients, a faster onset of action can be seen. Whereas Botox may take, on average, 2-3 days before the full cosmetic effect is noticed, Dysport patients may see full effects within 1-2 days.
  • Less pain during Dysport injection in many patients In many patients who have had both neurotoxins, they will say that Dysport hurt less during the actual injection process.
  • Longer lasting results in many patients In many cases, patients who have Dysport injection done will see results lasting upwards of 4 months – compared with an average of 3 months in Botox patients.

Now keep in mind that with all of the medical studies published, there is no consensus that the above noted advantages are consistent and reliable. These opinions are really more derived from anecdotal experience performing thousands of injections and listening to patients’ feedback.

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