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Dr. Hilinski Published in JAMA for Gauge Earlobe Repair

jama logoOur team is proud to announce that Dr. John Hilinski has recently been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) for his work in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Hilinski was co-author of the article, “Reconstructing the Gauge Earlobe Defect,” along with Jessica Collins, MD, FRCSC and Joshua Harvey, BS. The article details the assessment and reconstruction of earlobe deformity caused by gauged earrings – a popular trend that gradually stretches the earlobe until the desired size.

Within the case study, Dr. Hilinski provides an overview of the three gauged earlobe classifications: small, medium, and large. The greater the gauge is in size, the more complex the procedure must be to provide the most natural-looking reconstruction results possible. The specific surgical techniques for each gauge classification detailed in the case study all concluded with excellent results six months following the procedure.

Dr. Hilinski performs earlobe reshaping at his practice for a variety of concerns, including earlobe laceration, gauging, and enlarged earlobes. He encourages anyone suffering from one of these problems to contact our practice to schedule a consultation, where he can recommend the best solution for their needs.

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