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Limited Otoplasty for Keloid Scarring of Ear in San Diego, CA

This case example highlights a very common problem that is seen in our office – keloid scarring of the ear following piercing. This particular female from San Diego sought out our services because she developed a very unsightly scar on her ear after piercing it several years ago. This type of scarring is referred to as a keloid scar since the excess, hard tissue that developed began to overgrow the area. As you can imagine, this type of scar development can lead to great anxiety due to its very unusual appearance. After living with it long enough, this patient consulted with our office given my reputation as being one of the most experienced otoplasty (cosmetic ear reshaping) surgeons in the southern California area. After meeting with her, it was decided that a limited otoplasty procedure was indicated to reshape her outer ear to help recreate a more normal looking contour. She decided to have the otoplasty procedure performed, which was done in our office surgical suite under local anesthesia. This is much like going to the dentist where Novacaine is injected into the gums to numb any pain. The procedure began with removal of a good majority of the keloid scar that was contributing to the abnormal contour. I intentionally preserved (kept) some of the skin overlying the keloid scar so that I could use it to reshape the outer ear. Using very meticulous technique while carefully handling the tissue, I was able to essentially recreate a natural looking curvature along the outer border of the ear. She had an initial recovery from the otoplasty surgery of about 5-6 days before she could look presentable in the public eye. After several more months, the swelling resolved sufficiently and the skin color rebounded to the point she was quite comfortable in all social settings. As you can see by her before and after otoplasty photos below, her ear now looks like a normal ear.

Ear Plastic Surgery Photos – View 1

Ear Plastic Surgery Photos – View 2

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Ear Plastic Surgery Consult in San Diego

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