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Facelift Necklift Rejuvenation

Face101OblBeforeDespite all the latest fillers and laser devices being advertised out there in 2016, there is no substitute for a beautifully performed lower face and upper neck lift. This patient here exemplifies what this type of facial surgery can do to help reverse the signs of aging while providing a much more rejuvenated facial appearance.

You can see from her photos how she had moderate jowling along the jaw line in addition to sagging skin under the chin region. Although she is an attractive female, these issues were making her feel less youthful. I ended up performing a standard lower face and upper neck lift including tightening of the platysma muscle under the chin. All in all this provided her with a much more rested, rejuvenated appearance – while maintaining a natural look. Let us know what you think of her outcome!

Face101FrontalBA Face101LateralBA Face101OblBA

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