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Top 3 Areas Facial Implants Can Enhance

facial-implantsFacial implants can be an excellent option for patients wishing to achieve added contour and dimension for their facial appearance. Our facial plastic surgeon, Dr. John Hilinski, offers implants to enhance various areas of the face but emphasizes three areas in particular that can be significantly improved: the cheeks, chin, and jaw.

Cheek implants:  Also known as malar implants, cheek implants can provide a more desired contour to the midface. Oftentimes, people are unhappy with sunken or flat-looking cheeks, which is typically a result from the underlying bone structure or lost volume from the aging process. Facial implants in the cheeks can enhance the projection for a fuller-looking aesthetic.

Chin implants: Augmenting the chin with an implant can correct the common concern of a weak or underdeveloped chin. This procedure can improve the overall balance of facial features and is often performed in conjunction with another procedure, such as rhinoplasty.

Jaw implants: Just as implants can add more definition to the chin area, they can also improve a weak jawline. Common concerns that can often be remedied with jaw implants include facial imbalance from the jaw not appearing separate from the neck or a jaw angle that seems to slope from the ear to the chin.

When you come in for your consultation with Dr. Hilinski, he will help you understand whether facial implants can help you reach your aesthetic goals, or if another solution is more appropriate. Contact us today to schedule your visit!

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