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Improving Response to Botox

Patients often ask if there is something they can do to make their Botox or Dysport injection work better. The answer is – yes!

We do have some published guidelines on our website that help patients get the most out of their Botox and Dysport wrinkle treatments. Here is a link to those guidelines.

Here are a few other suggestions we recommend to our own San Diego patients considering Botox and Dysport treatment for wrinkles and dynamic lines.

  1. Don’t work out for 24-48 hours after Botox and/or Dysport treatment. If your heart rate and blood pressure rise before the Botox and Dysport have time to take full effect, you won’t get the optimal treatment outcome desired.
  2. Try and keep your head above your heart level for the rest of the day to also reduce chances of increased blood flow to the Botox and Dysport treatment areas.
  3. Icing can help reduce any bruising, or chance of bruising. We recommend icing for the remainder of that day if possible.
  4. Some patients take a zinc supplement starting a few days before Botox/Dysport treatment and continuing for 2-3 days after the injection. Years ago, a product called Zytase was being touted as something that helped potentiate patients’ response to Botox injection. Unfortunately, the science and clinical studies to support this were just not there. However, there is anecdotal evidence that some patients will see a better response to Botox and Dysport by using a supplemental zinc preparation before and after treatment. Most patients will using zinc gluconate taken over the counter. Although there is not any substantial scientific evidence this works, a good number of patients swear by its use.

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