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Neck Liposuction and Jaw Definition

Neck Liposuction Vs Kybella

In today’s day and age of minimal downtime cosmetic treatments, everyone wants to look better without the downtime of traditional surgery. This is exactly why Kybella became so incredibly popular so quickly – it was touted as the non-surgical neck lift with results that mimicked what liposuctioning could do for you. Unfortunately, as Dr. Hilinski will openly say, that is simply not the case when it comes to comparing Kybella with surgical neck liposuctioning.

Kybella Falls Short

When looking at which treatment – Kybella versus neck liposuction – can provide the best cosmetic outcome, there is no question that surgical contouring is far better in terms of aesthetic enhancement of the neck region. Kybella is a great option for someone who wants more modest improvements and has just a small pocket of excess neck fat. But if you are looking to see a more dramatic improvement in your neck and jawline, Dr. Hilinski is going to recommend liposuction to remove the excess fat. In many cases, this can be done under just local anesthesia – without having to undergo a general anesthetic.

That is what was done here in this case. In addition, Dr. Hilinski may recommend tightening of the muscles immediately underneath the neck fat. This muscle is called the platysma – and tightening of this muscle is called a platysmaplasty procedure. The removal of the excess neck fat and platysmaplasty are performed through the same incision made under the chin in a natural skin crease. After Dr. Hilinski takes out the excess neck fat with liposuction technique, he then tightens the platysma muscle to create even more jawline and neck definition as is readily seen here in the before and after photos of this lovely young patient. There is no amount of Kybella that will be able to reproduce these type of changes in the neck and jaw. This type of cosmetic improvement really can only be achieved with liposuction with or without platysmaplasty.

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