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Wrinkle-Free Wednesdays

Just a quick historical note on Botox. Years ago, Dr. Hilinski came up with a Botox promotional called wrinkle-free Wednesdays, which was intended to give special pricing to San Diego Botox patients who scheduled on Wednesdays. By having so many Botox patients come in on one day – our office schedule and flow was made much easier. Unfortunately, as the months went on, Dr. Hilinski realized that nearly every Wednesday, the schedule was simply too booked to accommodate everyone wanting Botox and Dysport. So he had to open up other days of the week to treat all the patients wanting Botox and Dysport from the wrinkle-free Wednesday special. Since that time, Botox and Dysport have become so popular in our office that we got rid of our weekly special altogether – since every day is now wrinkle-free! On occasion, we do run specials on Botox and Dysport – but mainly through the distributors, Allergan and Galderma. Dr. Hilinski and Kellie Hartmann – our aesthetic RN – both offer injectable treatment services. When Botox and Dysport are scheduled with Kellie, there is a 10% discount offered. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment!

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