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Upper Lip Lift Techniques For Best Results

LipIn our last blog post, Dr. John Hilinski, our board-certified facial plastic surgeon, discussed balancing facial proportions with an upper lip lift. In this follow-up post, Dr. Hilinski will reveal his preferred upper lip lift technique and how injectable fillers can assist some patients in maximizing the benefits of the procedure.

There are two main techniques plastic surgeons use for upper lip lift surgery: one technique utilizes an incision made just below the nose and the other technique utilizes an incision that is made along the actual vermillion border of the upper lip. While both techniques remove excess skin, my preferred method is to make the incision below the nose. In my opinion, this technique allows the scar to be more easily hidden. However, my approach in determining which technique is best for each individual is based on patient feedback. Once the patient and I discuss the available techniques, I always allow the patient to make the final decision for the treatment.

Some patients considering cosmetic nose reshaping and an upper lip lift ask me whether or not these two procedures can be done in conjunction with one another. In general, the upper lip lift procedure is performed in isolation from other procedures. In cases where the patient is having a closed rhinoplasty performed, an upper lip lift can sometimes be performed simultaneously. For patients having open rhinoplasty surgery, I recommend to separate the two procedures by at least several months.

Injectable fillers are more commonly performed in conjunction with an upper lip lift, but these treatments are usually limited to lower lip injection. To preserve the overall balance of the face, the lower lip should always appear slightly fuller than the upper lip. Therefore, if the upper lip lift creates more upper lip volume for the patient, it is often beneficial to augment the lower lip at the same time to maintain aesthetic harmony.

To learn more about upper lip lift surgery, or to schedule a consultation to discuss how an upper lip lift can help achieve your cosmetic goals, please contact our office today.

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