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Large Ear Made Smaller

Yet another amazing case of ear reduction performed by San Diego cosmetic ear specialist, Dr. John Hilinski. If you research ear reduction surgery online, you are likely going to find that Dr. Hilinski is the country’s leading expert when it comes to making large ears smaller in size. He has grown this niche segment of his plastic surgery practice over many years – accumulating the most experience and knowledge when it comes to making patient’s ears smaller in size. This was a natural extension of his otoplasty, or ear pinning, practice. For so long, Dr. Hilinski has been performing otoplasty surgery. But many years ago, he realized so many of these otoplasty patients actually needed a different type of cosmetic ear surgery. This was the stimulus behind him starting to do so many ear reduction surgeries for macrotia. Since that time, he has developed a growing reputation as one of the best and only plastic surgeons in the country who performs this surgery on a regular basis. Take a look at his online gallery of ear reduction photos to see the type of incredible results he is able to achieve for patients with large, unshapely ears.

Immediate Surgical Ear Reduction

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