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Can I Reduce the Size of My Ears?

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Many patients who undergo surgery for their ears are concerned with how much the ear protrudes from the side of the head. Otoplasty surgery is commonly used to “pin” the ears back to cosmetically improve their natural position. However, some patients have ears that are disproportionately large compared to the size of their head, even when the ears are otherwise positioned close to the scalp. Macrotia ear surgery is designed to reduce the height and width of the ear’s surface for a more balanced, harmonious aesthetic.

Most patients who seek to reduce the overall size of their ears find that the upper portion of the ear is significantly taller and wider than the lower half. For the average adult, the width of the ear is about 50-55% of the length at its widest point. As the ear grows beyond this ratio, the ear can appear overly large. Macrotia ear surgery typically focuses on reducing the size of the upper half of the ear and concealing the incision within the outermost fold of the ear (the helical rim). To discover if you might be a good candidate for macrotia ear surgery, or to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, please contact us today.

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