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Is It Normal to Have My Ear Look Overcorrected After Otoplasty Procedure?

Question: Is it normal to have my ear look like it is overcorrected after having an otoplasty?

Answer: The answer to this is – yes. It is entirely normal and even expected that the ear(s) looks much closer to the surface of the head early on after otoplasty, or ear reshaping. The cartilage of the ear has what is termed ‘memory’ that gives it a tendency to go back to its original position. This is what accounts for the ears ‘relaxing’ weeks to months after otoplasty. In order to compensate for this relaxation, the otoplasty procedure is done with a certain amount of overcorrection. That is precisely why your ears might look too close to your head in the early recovery period after otoplasty. Just give it some time and they will relax. Best regards, Dr. Hilinski

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