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Otostick for Big Ears

As someone who sees patients quite regularly for surgical correction of big ears, I have heard from several patients saying they were using Otostick to help make their ears look less prominent. So what is Otostick? And is this a long-term option for patients with ears that stick out too far?

Otostick is basically an over-the-counter device that was designed to give patients a non-surgical option to pin their ears back closer to the side of the head. It uses a combination of silicone and adhesive to allow users to fold the ear back and keep it in place when out in the public eye. If you search for the product online, you will discover several Youtube testimonial videos discussing use of Otostick. The bottom line is that Otostick is a nice option for people who are insecure about their big ears and want to do something short of otoplasty surgery, or ear pinning. In essence, you will be using an adhesive to stick them back for whatever period you are wearing them out and about. Unfortunately, as with most adhesive products, they are not designed or intended to withstand all conditions, such as going in the water. Some folks have been able to wear them during vigorous activity and exercise, but there is the risk of having them fall off in the midst of doing these things. Other circumstances, like being in the military, will also prevent people from using Otostick on a daily basis.

Is Otostick permanent? Well, for really young kids, there is some evidence that constantly taping an ear back can lead to long-term reshaping and repositioning. But for adults, Otostick won’t really do anything to help permanently reshape the ear. The reality is that surgery is the only true option for permanent pinning of the ear and reduction of prominence.

So now you are in the know regarding Otostick and how it fits into the spectrum of treatment options for people suffering from overly prominent ears!

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