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Cosmetic Rhinoplasty At 77 Years Old!

For any of you cosmetic rhinoplasty patients out there in San Diego and beyond who think you might be too old for some nasal enhancement – I just saw a 77 year female who wants to have her nose reshaped! So why at 77 years old is probably what you are asking (which is precisely what I was asking). She stated that she had actually been unhappy with her nasal appearance dating back several decades, but just never had any cosmetic reshaping of the nose. A few months back she suffered nasal trauma that caused additional widening of her bridge. Unfortunately, this amplified the features of her nose that she didn’t like from before. On top of this, she is going to her 60th high school reunion later this year. She remembers from past reunions that her identifying feature to classmates was her nasal profile. This time around, she wants to be remembered for something else besides her nose. So go figure. There really isn’t an age limit when it comes to cosmetic rhinoplasty to reshape the nose.

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