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Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Updates in San Diego, CA

We just updated our San Diego rhinoplasty gallery this past week with additional examples of cosmetic nose reshaping patients who had their nose job performed by Dr. Hilinski. Our rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty galleries are among the largest online examples of cosmetic nose surgery in southern California. As an experienced and dedicated rhinoplasty expert, Dr. John Hilinski performs this type of facial plastic surgery on a very regular basis – in fact, much, much more frequently than most plastic surgeons in San Diego. As a result, Dr. Hilinski’s rhinoplasty gallery and revision rhinoplasty gallery are quite expansive demonstrating the wide variety of cosmetic nose procedures that he does. If you look at a good number of board certified plastic surgeon websites here in San Diego, you will likely see a limited number of rhinoplasty patient examples. In most of these cases, this is because that particular plastic surgeon simply hasn’t done a lot of rhinoplasty and, therefore, does not have a very robust portfolio of rhinoplasty examples. When you see over a hundred photo examples of rhinoplasty as in Dr. Hilinski’s San Diego rhinoplasty gallery, you know you are consulting with an expert in cosmetic nose surgery. The latest additions to the rhinoplasty photo gallery include three new cases of ethnic rhinoplasty surgery – two females and one male. These patient examples represent the essence of good rhinoplasty surgery – making very specific changes to the shape of one’s nose without changing their identity. In these three cases, Dr. Hilinski performed ethnic rhinoplasty surgery to get rid of features of their nose that they disliked while keeping harmony with their Hispanic facial features. Unless you happen to perform Hispanic rhinoplasty on a consistent basis, you are unlikely to achieve these type of natural appearing cosmetic nose surgery results. Take a look for yourself and see how this type of plastic surgery on the nose can provide an enhanced facial appearance.

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