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How Swollen Am I 3 Months After A Closed Rhinoplasty?

The answer to this question is best answered with a photo example of one of my rhinoplasty patients from San Diego. She is actually a good example of Hispanic rhinoplasty. She really desired to have narrowing of her nose as seen on front view. We chose to perform a closed rhinoplasty procedure to reshape her nose. We performed slight reduction of her bridge height but more importantly narrowing of her nasal bones. As you can see in the attached photos she has an obvious improvement in her frontal appearance. Her bridge is now more narrow with better shadowing on both sides. Overall, her nose could be described as being more feminine in appearance. Although it will take nearly a year for her nose to fully heal, these results shown at 3 months out demonstrate what your nose might look like following a closed rhinoplasty procedure.

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