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Injection Rhinoplasty To Reshape The Asian Nose

I wanted to post a quick blog about one of our recent injection rhinoplasty patients. This Asian patient desired cosmetic reshaping of her nose but did not wish to undergo a surgical procedure. We discussed the possibility of undergoing an injection rhinoplasty procedure using one of many different injectable fillers to reshape the nose. She ultimately decided to have Artefill done. This particular product, Artefill, is the only FDA approved non-absorbable filler on the market in the USA. Artefill used in this manner (for Artefill injection rhinoplasty) is what we call an ‘off label’ use of the filler. Using a syringe of Artefill her nasal bridge was augmented, or elevated in height. We also lengthened her tip just slightly. We did this all the while maintaing her ethnic nose appearance. As you can see from her photos, this is a nice example of how permanent injectable fillers can be used to reshape the nose without having had surgery.

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