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Tip Rhinoplasty Following Nasal Cancer in San Diego, CA

This is great example of tip rhinoplasty, or nasal tip reshaping, in a patient who had an obvious deformity following skin cancer involving her nose. This patient underwent removal of a skin cancer in the nasal tip region, which was performed by a different plastic surgery years prior. Unfortunately, the area where the skin cancer was removed from the nose did not heal well – leaving the patient with a very visible depression. As you can see in this preoperative photo, there is an obvious area of her left nasal tip that is missing, which translates into an abnormal cosmetic contour. Looking at a 45 degree angle from her right side, you can easily appreciate what was bothering her in terms of the nasal tip shape. In addition, this type of collapse of the nasal tip created difficulty in breathing through the nose as well. She was ultimately referred to our rhinoplasty clinic in San Diego, CA because of Dr. Hilinski’s known expertise as one of the regions best rhinoplasty specialists.

Rhinoplasty to Reshape the Nasal Tip

Dr. Hilinski recommended an open rhinoplasty procedure to reshape the nasal tip region. This included use of septal cartilage from inside of the nose to graft the tip. In addition, he used temporal fascia grafting to help bolster or soften the skin overlying the defect. The rhinoplasty surgery was performed by first lifting the skin off of the nose. The septal cartilage grafts were then used to literally rebuild the nasal tip concentrating on creating a more symmetric looking nose. The fascia graft was finally layered over the cartilage grafts before the nose was closed. The final results of this type of tip rhinoplasty surgery are shown herein. As you can see, there has been a significant improvement in terms of her tip shape – especially in terms of symmetry of the nose. As one will also appreciate, her right angled view demonstrates how her nasal tip is now better contoured with a more natural looking rhinoplasty result.

Rhinoplasty Consultation in San Diego, CA

If you have had prior cancer of the nose and are considering further reconstructive surgery to help restore a more normal appearance, feel free to contact one of San Diego’s busiest and most experienced rhinoplasty clinics – the office of Dr. John Hilinski.

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