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Bellafill Leading Expert

Did you know that Dr. Hilinski is one of San Diego’s and Orange County’s leading experts when it comes to Bellafill use? Although there are many different cosmetic physicians in San Diego offering Bellafill injection, Dr. Hilinski is one of only a handful of doctors in San Diego who has been using Bellafill from the very beginning.

Bellafill History

Bellafill is the current name of the well-known injectable filler that everyone loves because it is essentially permanent. But Bellafill was not always called Bellafill. In fact, when this product first came to market as the only FDA approved non-absorbable filler – it was called Artefill. It was also being sold by a different company – called Artes Medical – that was based here in San Diego. Artes Medical eventually became Suneva Medical – the new company that took over the manufacturing and sales for Artefill. After several years, Suneva Medical then changed the name of Artefill to Bellafill. To this day, the product is still made here in beautiful, sunny San Diego – not too far from Dr. Hilinski’s office.

Throughout this journey, Dr. Hilinski has consistently used Artefill and Bellafill as a great option for his patients who desire a much longer lasting filler than what Restylane and Juvederm can do. In fact, Dr. Hilinski has even co-authored papers and book chapters along with other leading Bellafill experts. And Dr. Hilinski continues to lecture regularly around San Diego and Los Angeles on Bellafill use for facial rejuvenation.

So if you want to have a true expert inject your Bellafill – contact our San Diego office today to schedule a personalized consult with a doctor who has been using Artefill and Bellafill since the beginning!

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