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Baby Botox?

So what is this new talk about ‘Baby Botox’? Fortunately, it has nothing to do with injecting Botox into babies!

Baby Botox is a new term that has been recently used to describe a technique for Botox and Dysport injections. This technique, however, is not really new. Dr. Hilinski and other Botox experts have been talking about ‘Baby Botox’ for years – but have often referenced this as ‘micro Botox’ injections.

Simply put, Baby Botox and micro Botox injection involves using smaller dosages of the Botox to treat certain areas of the face where unwanted lines and wrinkles are forming. So why use less Botox or Dysport in these areas? So people can more safely avoid that dreaded frozen look that can result when too much Botox or Dysport has been injected. Unfortunately, this still occurs in many other offices in and around San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. Dr. Hilinski and his staff are quite careful about avoiding this look – even with standard dosages of Botox and Dysport.

Baby Botox and micro Botox injections involve using 1/3 or 1/2 of the usual number of Botox and Dysport units. To better understand how units work, use this link here to Dr. Hilinski’s online resource for Botox and Dysport patients. The thought behind this is that the muscles will be slowed down – but not completely stopped altogether. Therefore, you can preserve some normal animation lines and movement without looking too frozen from Botox or Dysport. In essence, you are getting a more subtle result from a Botox or Dysport treatment session. Is it for everyone? No. But in the right patient Baby Botox and micro Botox injection can be just what they need!

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