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Amazing Eyelid Rejuvenation

Check out these amazing eyelid rejuvenation results obtained by one of San Diego’s leading blepharoplasty surgeons, Dr. John Hilinski.

This female patient in her 40s wanted to have the heavy eyelid skin removed to give her a more rested look. As you can see in her preoperative photos, there is a significant amount of excess, weighted, loose eyelid skin that literally drapes over her eyelashes.

Dr. Hilinski recommended an upper blepharoplasty (pronounced blef-R-O-plasty) to carefully trim away the unwanted eyelid skin. This was performed under local anesthesia, which helped to avoid any issues related to ‘going under’ for the operation. The incision for this type of eyelid lift is hidden in the natural eyelid crease. This is usually a well-defined crease, but in her case it is not readily seen because the crepey skin was concealing it. The procedure took just over 1 hour to complete and involved very little discomfort during the recovery period.

Eyelid Lift Results

The results of this effort are seen here below where you can readily appreciate just how much improvement was made in terms of opening her upper eyelids up. No longer does she have the drooping upper eyelid skin that was hanging over her lash line. She now looks much more rejuvenated and rested – yet natural looking without obvious signs of having had cosmetic face surgery.

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