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Evening Out Upper Eyelids

So many patients who undergo upper eyelid lift surgery also have issues with asymmetry. Meaning, one eyelid is usually much heavier than the other and can draw even more unwanted attention to an already concerning area.

Here is a great example of just that – a San Diego patient who had excess upper eyelid skin on both sides but had more droopy skin on her left upper eyelid. She consulted with Dr. Hilinski about a procedure to make her upper eyelids look more rested while also trying to make them more symmetrical, or even. Dr. Hilinski suggested a traditional upper eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, to remove the unwanted, heavy eyelid skin.

Her eyelid lift was performed under local anesthesia where Dr. Hilinski gently injected the eyelids with numbing medication. Once this was done, the patient felt no pain at all. The excess upper eyelid skin was carefully removed and the skin was sutured back together. The entire operation took less than 90 minutes to perform and involved little recovery time.

Her before and after photos are shown below and confirm a very nice, natural looking cosmetic improvement in terms of the upper eyelids. She now has much less heaviness because the weighted, loose eyelid skin has been trimmed away. In addition, you can see that her upper eyelids now appear more symmetrical in that the right and left look much more similar. That is because Dr. Hilinski was able to remove slightly more skin from her left side to even the eyelids out. More importantly, she still looks like herself! She simply looks more rested and rejuvenated with more youthful eyes.

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