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Eyelid Enhancement

Here is another great example of how Dr. Hilinski can help rejuvenate your upper and lower eyelids without making you look surgically ‘done’ as they say.

This patient came to our office seeking treatment for unwanted upper eyelid and lower eyelid bags. Her examination showed excessive, heavy, weighted upper eyelid skin that was literally draped onto her eyelashes. The lower eyelids demonstrated the classic bags that bother so many prospective blepharoplasty patients. In addition, she had some degree of volume loss where the lower eyelid junctions with the cheek. This created unwanted shadowing along the lower eyelid that further exacerbated her bags.

Ultimately, Dr. Hilinski recommended an upper eyelid blepharoplasty – essentially an upper eyelid lift – combined with a lower eyelid blepharoplasty. The latter involved taking some of the excess fat out and then adding some fat below this level to help restore lost volume.

The results of her cosmetic eyelid surgery are seen below. As you can easily tell, she has a beautiful, marked improvement in the upper and lower eyelid regions. Yet – she still looks like herself. She doesn’t have obvious signs of having undergone cosmetic plastic surgery. She simply looks more rested and youthful around the eyelid region. This is such a high impact plastic surgery procedure since we all talk to each other by looking into each other’s eyes. If you are bothered by excess eyelid skin and/or eyelid bags, contact our office today to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. John Hilinski.

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