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Forehead Lift Suspension For Crooked Eyebrow Position

Many patients inquire about crooked eyebrow position, also known as asymmetric eyebrow positioning, and whether or not a browlift might help. What they are referring to is the actual position and shape of the eyebrows. In a good majority of people, the eyebrows naturally sit differently on both sides of the forehead – one side is usually higher than the other. Most of us are simply born this way. In most social situations and conversational environments, however, this difference in eyebrow position is not really obvious to others. There are definitely patients, though, who are bothered by the fact their eyebrows have a different shape when comparing the two sides. In fact, so much so, they seek out a facial plastic surgeon to help enhance the symmetry in the eyebrows. This particular patient is one such example and is presented here.

Eyebrow Lift Patient Presentation

This patient was unhappy with the fact her left eyebrow was lower and flatter than her right eyebrow. Again, many patients might look at this and not put too much emphasis on this natural difference between the two eyebrows. However, there are a good number of patients who present to us facial plastic surgeons each year seeking correction of crooked eyebrows. One option that is quite common is using botox injections to help create more eyebrow symmetry by lifting the one side. Unfortunately, many patients, like this one, are looking for a more permanent surgical correction. In this particular patient, we recommended an eyebrow lift, which is also known as a brow lift or forehead lift (suspension). This is a cosmetic eyebrow procedure intended to lift the brow region to reposition and reshape the lower forehead. This can be done using what is called an open brow lift approach where incisions are hidden in the hairline to perform the forehead suspension. Alternatively, an endoscopic brow lift can be done (also called an endobrow lift) where limited incisions are made and small surgical telescopes are used to perform the forehead lift. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages that will be reviewed with your facial plastic surgeon to determine the best choice for your individual case. In this particular patient, she chose to have the open approach brow lift surgery.

Eyebrow Lift Surgery Photos

Her before and after eyebrow lift photos are shown here. As you can appreciate there has been a notable enhancement in her eyebrow position and shape on her left side. This side of her forehead was lifted more preferentially to try and achieve the desired symmetry. Using meticulous surgical technique and permanent sutures, her left eyebrow was lifted and repositioned in a higher location to create a more feminine arch-shaped eyebrow. As is noted in the photo diagrams, her left eyebrow was previously quite flat across as is indicated by the blue line. Following the forehead lift, or brow lift, it was more arched to match her right side as indicated by the red curved line. Certainly some people may look at this and think – subtle change. But in many cases of facial plastic surgery, this is precisely what is desired and needed – a visible cosmetic improvement in an area without looking surgical altered. And in the case of an eyebrow lift, avoiding that unwanted surprised look that so many patients fear.

San Diego Brow Lift Consultation

If you or someone you know is interested in having an eyebrow lift (forehead lift) to enhance the appearance of their brows, please contact our office today to arrange for a complimentary consultation. You can also learn more about cosmetic facial enhancement of the eyebrow region by visiting our comprehensive website at We look forward to meeting you.

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