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Botox by Dentists?

Would you go to your dentist for Botox or Dysport treatment? Probably not is what most people say. But the reality is that some dentists here in San Diego and Orange County now offer Botox and Dsyport injections for cosmetic indications. There are dentists that have injected Botox and Dsyport for TMJ problems – which really does fall into their primary line of work. But for cosmetic wrinkle reduction? A handful of these dentists are also offering to do filler injections, like Juvederm and Restylane at the same time!

Personally, I think that Botox and Dysport treatment for wrinkle reduction should be left to doctors whose primary education and training focused on cosmetic treatments like these. It really does take years of education and training to get to the point where a doctor truly understands the nuances of Botox, Dysport and dermal filler injections to enhance someone’s facial appearance. And board certification in something like Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery shows the general public that a certain doctor has passed rigorous training and examination specific to that area of practice. With so many other types of doctors offering cosmetic treatments like Botox and Dysport, it is highly recommended you find someone who is board certified in plastic surgery and doesn’t just do this type of thing on the side.

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