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Amazing Neck Lift Results!

Check out these amazing results from Coolsculpting’s Cool Mini treatment to help lift the neck. If you happen to have unwanted neck fat and/or a double chin deformity, CoolMini fat freezing may be the answer for you! This younger lady was bothered by excess fat accumulation under the chin and wanted a more defined neck and jawline. But she wasn’t really interested in undergoing a surgical procedure.

She consulted with San Diego’s best Coolsculpting medspa team, headed by plastic surgeon Dr. John Hilinski. CoolMini, the only FDA-approved treatment to freeze fat away while tightening skin, was recommended to her as the best option to rejuvenate her neck.

The treatment was done in our relaxing Coolsculpting treatment room – with all the creature comforts, including a wide screen television to help the time pass. But fat freezing sessions like CoolMini only take 45 minutes of your time. And there are no needles involved, no surgical incisions and no downtime to worry about following treatment.

CoolMini Neck Lift Results

The results shown here represent changes in her chin and neck just 5 weeks after one (1) session of CoolMini fat freezing. So you can imagine how much more improvement she will see once she completes the recommended second session of Coolsculpting! As a result of CoolMini, you can readily see how her neck is now more angulated and her jaw now appears more defined.

One bonus of having your fat frozen away is the skin tightening effects that can be achieved with Coolsculpting. In fact, this revolutionary cosmetic treatment is FDA approved to help tighten loose skin in the neck region at the same time it freezes the stubborn fat away.

CoolMini Versus Kybella

Many patients wonder if they can achieve results like this with Kybella injection. The answer is – maybe. But you have to keep in mind that Kybella absolutely requires a series of injections – not just one injection – in order to realize any significant improvement in the neck contour. And a series of Kybella injections can cost you upwards of $3500-4000 in many clinics. So the price for Kybella will often times exceed the price to have CoolMini performed on your neck.

Plus, Kybella injections definitely involve some degree of downtime – including some swelling, redness, hardness and discomfort – each time you have an injection. Since many patients end up undergoing 4-5 Kybella injections to get a similar type of outcome, this can total up to quite a bit of healing time with Kybella treatment of the neck.

When you analyze the cosmetic results of CoolMini to Kybella – and take into consideration the additional costs and recovery time – there is just no comparison in our opinion. Opt for Coolscultping’s CoolMini fat freezing treatment for your unwanted neck fat and/or double chin deformity.

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