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Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Here is a recent example of non-surgical fat reduction to help contour the lower abdomen in this male patient from San Diego. This Coolsculpting patient desired to have a flatter stomach with removal of unwanted fat in the lower abdomen region. You can see in this oblique photo how he had shadowing below the tummy pooch as well as on the sides. This is because his abdomen had excess fat contributing to these contours.

Following just one session of Coolsculpting – with San Diego’s best team of fat freezing experts – you can see how his lower abdomen has been sculpted to give a flatter overall contour. You can see – in comparison – how the shadows that were previously noted are now gone! You can imagine if he has any more Coolsculpting treatments done – he will be on his way to a six pack!

If you happen to have excess pockets of fat in the abdominal region and are looking to get a flatter stomach without incisions and surgery, call our Coolsculpting specialists today to schedule a consultation our certified Coolsculpting practice.

Before & After Fat Freezing

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