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Cool Mini Double Chin Treatment

Here is a great video that highlights just how effective Coolsculpting can be when it comes to contouring the neck and giving the appearance of having a neck lift – just without the surgery! Many people refer to this problem as having a double chin. This younger female patient was bothered by the excess, unwanted fat under her chin – and desired to have something done to give her a better jawline and neckline. After consulting with San Diego’s premiere office for facial cosmetic enhancement, she opted to go with a non-surgical option. Specifically, she opted for Coolsculpting’s Cool Mini, which is intended to freeze away neck and chin fat with no needles, no surgery and no downtime.

Keep in mind that not all Coolsculpting offices offer the Cool Mini neck contouring procedure. Dr. Hilinski and his team of fat freezing specialists are among a select group of Coolsculpting practices that have the specially designed Cool Mini device. The Cool Mini was engineered to help treat the submental region (the area of the upper neck that is under the chin) while getting rid of excess fat. You can’t use any of the other Coolsculpting devices to accomplish this. Because Dr. Hilinski is one of San Diego’s foremost experts when it comes to Coolsculpting, naturally he has the Cool Mini so he can offer his patients the absolute best in treatment options.

This patient underwent Cool Mini treatment of her neck – performed by one of Dr. Hilinski’s highly trained registered nurses – Kellie Hartmann. The Cool Mini was performed in under one hour – and she was then on her way home with literally no recovery involved. It was only a matter of time before her results began to be noticed in terms of an improved neck and jawline. As the weeks and months unfolded, her submental fat slowly dissolved away after having been frozen by the Coolsculpting technology. After just two months, she saw quite an improvement – and was already happy with the outcome of her Cool Mini treatment.

Fortunately for her, the results just kept getting better! In fact, one thing that makes Cool Mini such an incredible option for neck contouring is that it has FDA approval as a treatment that will actually tighten the skin. And you can see what we are talking about in the accompanying video – where you can watch her neck contour improve over several more months of healing. But even more interesting is how her skin literally tightens up under the chin as the four month mark of healing comes around. For example, take a close look at the moles on the side of her upper neck and note where they are located before the Cool Mini treatment. As her neck undergoes the amazing transformation, you can track how her skin tightens up based on movement of those moles. After four months, you can see how much better her neck contour is as a result of the Cool Mini Coolsculpting treatment. She now has much better definition and improved angularity to her neck and jawline. Look, in particular, at how she now has more shadowing under the jaw – an indirect sign that her excess fat has been removed and the skin has tightened up along the upper neck region.

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