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Double Chin Cool Mini

Have a double chin that you have struggled with over the years? Do you exercise like crazy and keep a strict diet – only to still be bothered by unwanted neck fat that gives you a double chin? Come see San Diego’s #1 team of Coolsculpting and Cool Mini experts to undergo treatment for your double chin deformity.

Dr. John Hilinski and his staff of certified Coolsculpting experts are San Diego’s leading team when it comes to non-surgical double chin treatment. This includes their use of Cool Mini to target fat under the chin in an attempt to create a more defined and sculpted neck line.

This young lady from San Diego in her 20s desired to get her double chin treated in a non-surgical manner. She ended up consulting with Dr. Hilinski’s Coolsculpting team and elected to undergo treatment with the Cool Mini adapter. This is a specially designed adapter for the Coolsculpting machine that allows the upper neck fat to be specifically targeted during the fat freezing process.

Following just one treatment session, a fairly significant improvement was noted in her double chin issue. You can see for yourself in the before and after photos shown below. These confirm that the extra fatty pocket under her chin has been greatly reduced – providing her with much better upper neck and jawline shape and contour. And all of this was the result of just one simple Cool Mini session that took less than one hour to undergo while sitting comfortably surfing the internet in the treatment room. Could she get even better results with more Cool Mini treatment? Absolutely! To a certain point, more treatment sessions will provide you with even better cosmetic results.

If you have a double chin that you have a hard time getting rid of, contact San Diego’s #1 Coolsculpting team led by board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. John Hilinski.

Double Chin Frontal View

Double Chin Oblique View

Double Chin Lateral View

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